Staring at Beauty of Ngrawah Beach

Vacationing on the beach always gives a sensation to always come again. Sensation running around avoiding the waves, feeling the sand on the feet soles, playing waves, and swimming on the beach or just sitting around waiting for the view of the sunset are things that everyone would love to have. No wonder the beaches are always attracting many tourists. At social media era, uploading vacation photo is a like a must thing to do especially if the destinations have become very popular. But there are also those who prefer to visit the beaches that are still quiet visitors, one of them is Ngrawah Beach.

Location of Ngrawah Beach

The location of Ngrawah Beach is in Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul. By using a private vehicle or rented motorbike or car, visitors can easily reach this village. The road is relatively smooth but don’t be surprised by the sharp turns, climbs and derivatives that should be passed. Make sure to check the vehicle first before using. The beach is located on the west of Widodaren beach in one area with Ngrenehan and Ngobaran Beaches. So, it is a good idea to visit three beaches at once. Moreover, the vehicle can only reach to the parking lot of Ngrenehan Beach, so to access the Ngrawah beach, visitors should continue walking.

Go to Ngrawah

Just like when visitors have to go to Torohudan beach where they have to walk first through the path and hills, getting to Ngrawah takes at least 30 minutes. Although the journey can be a bit of a work but it won’t be boring. Visitors can enjoy the scenery around like green mountains from a distance, the fields with plants that are being cultivated such as cassava or corn. Not to mention green grass and shrubs along the way. Stop for a photo or just take a break. And don’t forget supplies, at least a bottle of water as a travel companion.

Arrive at Ngrawah

Just like a row of Gunungkidul beaches that are still quiet, being on this beach makes very enjoyable activity for the visitors. The views are the mountains surrounding beach. The mountains are looming and appearing so dazzling from a distance. This beach is not too broad, so it’s very easy to go around it. Explore beach from end to end. Moreover, the beach sand is clean and white making it look beautifully shiny. And when exploring the edge of the beach there is a row of green grass that seems to be the coastline.

Fortunately people will most likely not find Ngrawah Beach lodging or the surrounding area. Because this beach is still relatively quiet. You can search for information to local residents if they provide rooms. If you don’t find it but really want to enjoy it longer then do camping on the beach may be an alternative. But first, ask about security, restrictions and the possible not to do list while on the beach. Usually the local people have certain cultures or customs. As a newcomer, visitors certainly have to respect them.

Bring Enough Supplies

Exploring Peyuyon Beach and Lolang Beach and definitely needs some supplies like water or food to bring from the beginning. ¬†There are not many stalls so you have to take care of yourself and meet your own needs by bringing it. For drinking, there is a source of fresh water near the beach. Don’t forget to always clean up the trash, the traces of fire made and other. Don’t just focus on having fun but forgetting to take care of the environment. Ngrawah Beach can be a place for me time or enjoying time for self-evaluating.

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