Enjoy Vacation at Ngregisan Beach Gunungkidul

What makes the beach become one of the most visited tourist destinations? Beaches are located in many regions since Indonesia is maritime country, and it is always able to invite many visitors to come. They can be in group of close friends or family. The fresh beach air, the sound of the waves, and the waves dancing are kinds of beach beauty. This experience can be felt when visiting Ngregisan Gunungkidul Beach.

Location of Ngregisan Beach

Ngregisan Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Gunungkidul Regency in recent years is indeed very popular with its natural attractions. It starts from the cave to the beach. Pulang Syawal Beach or Indrayanti, Kukup Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach, Drini Beach, Sadranan Beach is still a favorite beach in Gunungkidul. But lately, row of quiet beaches in Gunungkidul is getting more attention. Especially for tourists who looks for new beaches with quiet visitors like this Ngregisan. This beach offers visitors an interesting view on every side. There is wide stretch of sand and rock on this beach. It may not be too broad but it can provide satisfaction during spending a holiday on this new beach at Gunungkidul.

To go to this beach, visitors must go to Gunungkidul Regency passing mountainous area with up and down roads and bends. As well as to Watu Bonang beach where the beach is not on the main road so you must continue the journey on foot. So, wear the comfort proper clothes and footwear to trek in such conditions. During the trip, you don’t feel bored with the scenery around it. This type of road is  almost the same when come to quiet beaches in Gunungkidul. It is tiring but fun and giving a memorable and unforgettable experience.

Play Water and Relax

Being on the Sadeng Beach and Ngregisan or other beaches is actually not much different. Enjoy what’s on the beach like the stretch of sand and rows of rocks. Then look for shells, fish, seaweed and other biota hidden on the beach. Playing water or even playing ball on the beach. Or just sit around listening to melodic waves even the waves that come and go touch the skin of the feet. The blue color on the high seas provides a sense of comfort and tranquility. There is no more fun than relaxing on the beach with the panoramic view.

Fishing at Beach

Watu Kebo beach has several spots for fishing, even so with Ngregisan. This could be one of the advantages of new beaches. There are spots for fishing. Still quiet visitors give flexibility to determine the place of fishing and do not feel disturbed. If visitors are interested in exploring new beaches, don’t forget to bring fishing gear. Besides enjoying the scenery, you can also enjoy fishing. Then, the catch can be grilled on the beach with simple equipment such as leaf or wood trash that can be found. The sensation and taste would be so enjoyable to eat fresh sea food.

Camping on the Beach

Another thing that can be done is camping like when on Jogan beach. Another advantage of the beach is the peacefulness, very comfortable for camping. Because visitors are not too many and the location is far from residential areas makes these beaches very possible to be used as campsites. Beachfront camping has a different sensation than camping in the mountains. Morning view when opening the eyes is the blue sea shined by golden sunrise. Beach air is so refreshing. You can do jogging in warmth morning at beach. Ready to spend a holiday at Ngregisan Beach Gunungkidul?

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