The Reasons Why Must Visit Ngrenehan Beach

Travel to the beach is more complete when not only enjoying the natural panorama but also knowing the story behind the name of the beach to enrich knowledge. Often, it has something related to history in Indonesia or other unique reason. It can be because of the uniqueness of the place, natural scenery and culinary course. The sea is identic with marine fish but not all beaches are able to offer a variety of sea food. Well, this is why Ngrenehan Beach is one of the favorite beaches. It offers full package, so let’s check it out!

About Ngrenehan Beach

About 30 meters south of Wonosari City, there is Ngrenehan Beach. The place where the Ngrenehan, Ngobaran, and Nguyahan beach are located in one area. Ngrenehan is a beach with a bay and surrounded by limestone hills. The view offered by this beach is amazing. The waves crashed against the rocks and the white sand that stretch along the coast are the focal points. This place can be a perfect location for a vacation with family. Swimming or just playing water is safe here. This is because the location of the beach is in the mouth of the bay. As a result, the waves that arrived would not directly head the beach since they were blocked by coral reefs on the two sides of the beach.

Ngrenehan History

Every beach always has a history behind its name. So are the Sinden Beach and Ngrenehan Beach. The beach with an area of ​​about 100 square meters is said to be having its name given by the King of Demak, Raden Fatah the son of Brawijaya V. At that time Raden Patah headed for the beach to look for his father and two wives, Dewi Lowati and Bandang Surati who were running away. Raden Patah finally couldn’t find his father. Then he conferred with Demak kingdom officials to find his father. Based on the deliberations, the term ‘Reneh’ emerged, which came from the Javanese words means come here. The invitation word then becomes the basis of the local community to change the name of the place to Ngrenehan which pointed to this beach.

Place for Sea Food Lover

People will also enjoy the beautiful natural beaches and harbor of local fishing boats. On this beach, visitors don’t just see an enchanting beach scene but also activity of the local fishermen. It could be said to be a kind of anchorage for fishing boats. The sight of neat boats lined the beach is very common. Visitors can buy fish catches directly from the fishermen. But usually they will take him to the Ngrenehan Fish Auction Place (TPI). There are times when fish auctions are held, they can join in watching the excitement.

Visitors can enjoy the fresh seafood culinary as here many food stalls offer varieties seafood menus. The fish served clearly guaranteed with freshness. The price is quite affordable. Then if vacationing with family or close friends better to find out the existence of lodging on Ngrenehan beach because the location is quite remote so don’t worry in asking local residents.

Access to the Beach

Access to the quiet beaches of Gunungkidul such as the Ngusalan Beach and Greweng Beach usually presents challenges when come in Gunungkidul. Yogyakarta to Gunungkidul is relatively smooth with relatively smooth road conditions. But once looking for a beach it certainly provides a different challenge. Luckily, the access to Ngrenehan is quite smooth, so it is possible to park vehicles on the Auction Fish. While being in location, the facilities are also quite helpful. Starting from public bathrooms, musholla, parking lots and food stalls. So don’t need to hesitate to visit Ngrenehan Beach.

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