Doing Adventure at Ngreslangu Beach

Every new trip offers a new experience. Likewise, when visiting a new place. Yogyakarta is a place with many tourist objects to be visited. It spreads in 5 regencies and one city. One district which is full with its natural tourism, especially the beach is Gunung Kidul Regency. There are many well-known beaches and non- popular yet. Most of the beaches are known for their white and black sand or with cliffs. The beaches area can be used to enjoy the sunset, camping or fishing.

Ngreslangu Beach at Glance

Ever heard about Ngreslangu Beach? A beach in Girikarto Village, Gunung Kidul Regency. This beach further completes the beaches spot varieties in Jogja. Provide more alternatives for visitors. The beach existed with natural beauty in its untouched naturalness. At present there are many car rental services or travel agents that open opportunities to visit unpopular beaches.

Adventure tourism will have done by visiting the Ngreslangu Beach Jogja and interacting with local residents. This new beach still looks very natural. Almost without visitors so everyone can choose a spot to sit, swim or selfie. The blue of the sea water meeting the blue sky gives peace accompanied by the waves and the wind.

What to Do in Ngreslangu Beach?

Having vacation in this gorgeous white sand beach Jogja definitely provides comfort. The beach can indeed gives a feeling of pleasure just by seeing the waves coming sweeping over the stretch of sand erasing the traces that existed before. Feel the waves coming and then run around when the waves get bigger. Cheerful laughter gives a feeling of excitement during a new beach trip, including when in Ngreslangu. Luckily when visitors on the beach that is not as busy as on the baron beach, they are able to sit anywhere even lying on the beach without feeling disturbed.

Things to Prepare

When you visit the Kukup beach, enough supporting facilities are available. Starting from a sufficient number of bathrooms, musholla, food and beverage stalls. But not with Ngreslangu. This means visitors have to bring the necessary equipment. Drinking water and food. Including a large plastic bag to carry the garbage. Because this beach is still natural, various facilities are not complete, including trash bins. Visitors also need to maintain the attitude during the location. Even though it feels like on the private beach, it doesn’t mean that they can do anything. Also pay attention to how the customs and culture in the area.

How to Get to Ngreslangu

Like the Parang Rancuk Beach which is not widely known, so is the beach ofNgreslangu. Visitors may rent a car packet with driver who already knows the area in Gunung Kidul to get to this beach. From Yogyakarta, go to Gunung Kidul. Furthermore, online map application can be used and don’t doubt asking local people because mostly the new beaches have not given many directions. It is usually far from the main road the visitors have to travel hundreds of meters through the bush.

In addition to making it easier to find routes, visitors may also ask the backpacker community and fishing community. Why? The backpacker community consists of people who are not reluctant to explore famous and not well-known tourist spots. Easy access to transportation or difficult. Not infrequently provide detailed information on how to get to the location. While fishing communities usually like fishing on beaches that are remote or difficult to reach. There is a challenge for them. If interested in exploring new beaches don’t worry because everything is definitely possible. Make sure all possible preparations well prepared before heading to Ngreslangu Beach.

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