Camping at Beach? Ngrumput Beach is the Best Location

Camping provides a new experience for the one who first do it. How about feeling the atmosphere at night in a small space tent, and sleeping on a soft mattress?Likewise, with food and the need for bathing and other daily necessities. Camping is perfect for training on how to live with the limited conditions and situations in the surrounding environment. What about camping on the beach? Obviously more amazing with the sound of the waves. Not to mention when the night comes and the weather is clear with so many stars scattered.

Location of Ngrumput Beach

One of the beaches that later became a favorite place for camping is Ngrumput Beach. This beach is in the Gunung Kidul area. Precisely in Ngestiharho Village Gunung Kidul Regency. Being on this beach is like our own beach. Quiet atmosphere, beautiful scenery and of course not crowded visitors. Well, Ngrumput beach has enjoyable atmosphere so that people can really relax.

Although the name of the grass does not mean that the beach is overgrown with green grass. The location is quite hidden but not too hard to find. To enjoy this beach, people have to pay Ngrumput beach entrance ticket which includes tickets to visit the Kosakora Hill.

Favorite Place for Camping

The advantage of camping on the beach is that visitors are able to hear the sound waves at night. It definitely offers sensation for relaxation. Unfortunately, not all beaches provide this facility. Luckily it can be found by camping on the Ngrumput Beach. Since 2015 this beach is often used to camp. Every visitor wishing to camp will be charged a tariff of IDR 15,000 per tent. Want to do a night of intimacy with new members of the organization or community? This place can be an option.

Moreover, the cost is also quite affordable. Just bring supplies while camping on the beach, the atmosphere of the beach in the afternoon until morning will be so beautiful. Visitors may swim or just want to enjoy the sunset and sunrise. Don’t forget the stars scattered at clear night sky.

Supported Existing Facilities

Although relatively quiet, the Ngrumput beach facilities are quite adequate. This location is equipped with several bathrooms that can be used. In addition, there are also several food stalls, although the amount is not too much but quite helpful when lack of supplies. This place is also equipped with bins placed in several locations. So visitors should preserve its cleanliness around the beach.

Route to Ngrumput Beach

Gunung Kidul is known for its beaches, but some are on hidden location. For example, the Nungguran beach to get to that place really requires a big effort because not many people know. There is also Kepek beach which the road to beach is still rocky. Likewise, when going to Ngrumput Beach where the path is quite difficult visitors have to walk from the parking location at least 400 meters to enter the beach. The road is a trail and rocky path. 

However, any difficulties experienced when heading to the location will be paid off when they see the intended beach. This usually happens when visiting beaches that tend to be natural, quiet and not visited much. For example, when visiting the Karangtek beach which is not popular yet. The main requirement is to visit beaches that are still natural, of course, appreciate anything and anyone they meet. Visiting, enjoying and not polluting. The beach is still very clean; visitors are not too crowd so it is very interesting to spend a weekend on Ngrumput Beach.

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