Reasons to Visit Ngunggah Beach Gunung Kidul

The beaches in Gunungkidul are endless. After knowing and visiting some of the beaches such as Drini, Indrayanti, and others, it usually makes people happy. But there are many other beaches in Gunung Kidul. The beaches are located far from the main road and need extra effort and time to find them. Beaches that are not many people who know the name and location. Currently more car rental places are providing these services. Help find these beaches for tourists.

About Ngunggah Beach

One of the beaches in Gunung Kidul which later stole the attention is Ngunggah Beach. Located in the western part of Gunung Kidul Regency precisely in Giriwungu, the attraction of the Ngunggah Beach Gunungkidul regency is a fun place to fish and look for seaweed.

At the bottom of this beach reef there is a lot of seaweed that can be found. This beach is actually shaped like a cliff and not too high. Then on one side there is a more sloping beach side with white sand. The scenery is very interesting and beautiful because it is different from other beaches.

Clean Beach

This beach is still very clean. There is almost no garbage like other beaches that are more crowded with visitors. When walking along the beach visitors will find chunks or pieces of rock scattered under the cliff. The waves always come in turn, sometimes big sometimes small.

At the time of high tide, the waves of sea water that come will wet the edge of the beach with white sand. Then when the waves recede, there will be a stretch of coral base extending to the middle of the sea for 100 meters. Some people call the condition of the coral base similar to the conditions that exist on the Nguyahan Beach at low tide. To find out really very similar? must visit both beaches.

Beautiful Scenery with Residents Activities

This quiet beach entrance fee Ngunggah Beach is not determined yet, that’s one of the interesting things in non-popular tourism. Visitors may enjoy amazing natural scenery and observing the activities of local people. This beach is rich in fish and seaweed. So many people are looking for fish or seaweed. Some use nets, some use fishing rods. Some are alone, some are clustered while looking for seaweed. Some of the caught fishes and seaweeds are sold whilethe rest is used for daily consumption.

When meeting with people who are fishing or looking for seaweed there is no need to hesitate to say hello. Don’t be shy to interact with them. After all, when visiting a tourist spot we are guests who have to respect the host, right? Including in terms of maintaining cleanliness and manners. This is certainly true when visiting other beaches such as Pringjono beach or Ngobaran beach or other beaches.

Nggungah Beach Route

The closest route to this beach from the center of Jogja City can be via the East Imogiri Road just to the Siluk intersection. Then take the road to Panggang, Gunung Kidul. Arrive at the junction of the central Bake road then left until the JLS intersection. Take the west direction to meet Pejanten Elementary School on the left of the road. Next take the road next to the elementary school which is in the form of cement cast road. Just keep on going until find a dirt and rocky road until finally arrived at the small hut which is the Ngunggah Beach parking area. Don’t forget to bring enough supplies because the Ngunggah beach facilities are not too complete with the limited availability of food stalls.

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