Hunting for Snail at Ngusalan Beach

Being on the beach while enjoying the natural scenery on surrounding will give a special sensation. Especially if the beach has characteristics that other beaches don’t have. The beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region Province have characteristics that make the beach so special. One of them is Ngusalan Beach. A beach rich in marine biota life. It is so suitable for family agenda when holiday season arrives.

Ngusalan Beach Location

Ngusalan Beach is in precisely just behind the reef east of Jungwok Beach. Usually the visitors’ vehicles are parked in the Jungwok Beach parking lot. There are several visitors who visit Jungwok Beach first. Then when Jungwok Beach is receding, you then follow the banks of the cliffs on the east side of the beach. How about when the water is high?You can go to Ngusalan by turning from Jungwok Beach to Groweng beach and before reaching the Greweng spring there is a T-junction, take the right heading to Ngusalan. There will see a ladder made of wood. The stairs are made by local residents from the tree trunks to make it easier when heading to the beach area. This 4 meter high staircase is safe enough to be used alternately towards the beach.

About Ngusalan Beach

Indeed, there are not too many visitors who stop by Ngusalan Beach Gunungkidul. But this beach is interesting to visit. This beach is not too big even when the tide arrives, the beach is not visible. There are many corals scatter on this beach in various sizes. The beach is more sloping with white sand and not too broad. Some beaches usually offer views to the west so they are more often used to enjoy the sunset view. But not with this beach. The landscape offered is more eastward. So on this beach, it is unlikely enjoy the sunset view but can enjoy the view of the sunrise.

Although it is part of a new beach line in Gunungkidul, there are not many visitors who stop by this beach. It could be because visitors prefer to spend their time at Jungwok Beach. Or maybe the beach is not too wide and the waves are quite tight. On this beach there are lots of snails and lobsters hidden between the rock cracks. There are also algae and seaweed. Given the fact that the size of the beach is not too large, to explore every corner and learn the characteristics of the place where the lobster hiding is so interesting. Not only enjoy the vacation but you can learn new things or new experiences.

Carrying Supplies

There are various activities that can be done on this beach like Sinden Beach or other beaches. Just sitting around and enjoying the scenery or taking part in the beach activities like looking for lobsters. You can ask the local how to find and catch it. Or search for shells or snails on the beach. Or maybe hunt for photos. Whatever activities will be done don’t forget the supplies both food and supporting equipment such as cameras and places to store shells or lobsters.

Don’t Leave Trash

The waves often carry leaves and leave them scattered on the beach. That’s why there are people who often encounter a lot of garbage on the beaches. But it does not mean we can leave the trash that we produce for example from the packaging of food scraps and drinks. Rubbish, especially those that cannot be decomposed, can damage the environment and disturb microorganisms on the beach. So when spending the holidays on the beach such as Sedahan Beach and other beaches including Ngusalan Beach Gunungkidul don’t leave waste which can damage the environment.

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