Coral Reef Beauty at Nguyahan Beach

The beach has always been one of the preferred tourist objects. Regardless of the location of a beach, when the holiday season, it is always crowded with visitors. For example, the beaches in Gunung Kidul Regency. And of the many beaches in Gunung Kidul, how many beaches have you visited? Beach beauty can be related to many things. It can be due to clarity of water, white sand, the size of the waves, sunrise or sunset and the contents of the sea such as fish types and coral reefs. One of the beaches in Gunung Kidul that can be enjoyed by the coral reefs is Nguyahan Beach.

Location of Nguyahan Beach

People can find Nguyahan Beach in Kanigoro Village, Gunung Kidul Regency. This beach was recently developed as part of the tourism industry. Its management makes this beach supported by various facilities. For example, the existence of small gazebos on the beach, large parking area with several merchant kiosks and bathrooms. This beach is located not far from Ngobaran Beach. Only about 200 meters and can be reached by foot. Visitors can park their vehicle in the parking lot of one of the beaches and visit both beaches at once. People certainly do not want to miss the view offered by the soft sandy beach in Gunungkidul.

With the price of Nguyahan beach entrance ticket around IDR 5,000 per person, visitors will be able to experience the beach. With this ticket visitors can enjoy other beach attractions such as Ngobaran Beach, Ngrenehan Beach and Torohudan Beach. Known as a hidden beauty Nguyahan Beach, it is a must to explore every side of the beach.

Please note that this beach is surrounded by hills that are quite high. Visitors can find one of the favorite spots to see the beauty of the beach from above. On the surrounding spot on the east side, visitors can see a wider view of the beach with the green hills contrasted with white sand which adds perfection of the natural landscape.

Coral Reefs and Marine Biota

Natural scenery offered by Manguntur beach is certainly different from the natural panorama on the Manukan beach so is in Nguyahan. Seawater on this beach tends to be shallow so it is convenient for bathing or playing water on the beach. When walking along the beach, visitors can see a fairly wide coral floor along the shoreline with countless coral reefs and marine bio-ta areas. Like shellfish, small fish, seaweed and others. At low tide, it is usually the turn of the anglers in action. The existence of the coral makes the anglers have to wait at low tide and need to find an area that has no coral to be able to get fish.

Obey the Rules

Unlike the Pesawan beach or other beaches, Nguyahan beach is known for having the rocky floor. This alarms cautionof any slippery rock and the tidal water. So visitors should always follow the instructions provided, including following the advice of local residents who are used to observe any changes in weather or natural conditions that occur. So do not hesitate to interact with local people and keep good manners.

How to Get to Nguyahan

Currently looking for a road to the Nguyahan beach is certainly much easier. After all, at this time the instructions given were increasingly accurate. Moreover, there are many other beaches nearby so it’s easier to ask. Access to Nguyahan is actually on the same route to head to Ngobaran Beach. So from the direction of Yogyakarta go straight and follow the road to Ngobaran beach. Do not forget to bring food and drinks to enjoy while having great time on Nguyahan Beach.

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