Fishing Challenge at Njanganan Beach

If visitors want to find hidden beaches with captivating views better asking people who like fishing, it can get unexpected answers. For anglers fishing can be a kind of therapy for relaxation. Fishing requires patience until the fish grabs the hook. Well, these anglers are not just fishing in fishing spots. These anglers sometimes have favorite places especially the  remote and challenging locations. Well, hidden beaches are usually their destinations.

A Glimpse of Njangangan Beach

Visitors can visit this Njanganan Beach in Gunungkidul Regency. This beach is very well known among the anglers or fishermen. This beach is known to have a strategic fishing spot. Moreover, there are many fishes on this beach including lobster. The location is not too far from Butuh Beach and Ngeden Beach. The two beaches are on the east side of the beach and all three are part of some quiet beaches of Gunungkidul which are widely talked about. There are no stretches of sand on this beach because it is considered as the type of coral cliff beach. With the increasing interest of visitors on these quiet beaches, road access is increasingly improved.

Fishing Challenge in Njanganan

With the coral cliffs, the bottom of the cliff is often used by fishermen to install nets. Net is used to catch lobsters at the base of cliffs. Interestingly the road to the bottom of the cliff is said to have formed due to the cliffs falling due to the scouring of sea water. Actually a favorite place for fishing is usually at Nglimun Beach. But the beach is too full with anglers so usually the anglers who come later prefer fishing at the Njanganan beach. Usually anglers and fishermen come in the afternoon and go back home the next day.

Why Fishing in Njanganan?

Maybe some people have different expectation when visiting Goa Watulawang beach and Njanganan. For fishermen this beach was originally not the main destination. Most of them are fishing at Nglimun Beach. But over time the crowded visitors made the fishing atmosphere not conducive and some of the visitors decide to move to Njanganan. Fortunately, this beach has a beautiful view. When looking at the sea, Njanganan is much broader and more comfortable because no barrier like in Nglimun. The main characteristic of Njanganan is like the Nglimun beach with its coral cliff beaches. Lately there are many anglers who like fishing spots in Njanganan.

Access to Njanganan

It’s different when going to the Ndawud beach and visit Njanganan although the route is the same as access to Ngedan Beach. Visitors can use a good private vehicle or rent, both motorbike and car. Next follow the directions by walking through the path. Go through the western part of Ngedan Beach or choose to pass through the eastern part of Butuh Beach. It takes at least 20 minutes. Of course it depends on the pace of the steps and the number of visitors who are also through the road.

Even though access to Njanganan is not easy, don’t forget to make a visit to the wonderfulKajar beach. This beach is indeed far from the main road. Even the visitors have to walk to get to the location. But every effort will pay off when arriving on location. The Njanganan is sufficient to make the color bluish viewed from the top of a cliff. Large waves that came crashing down the cliff gave a thrilling sensation and small waves can provide a sensation of relaxation. Coupled with the number of fish in the sea. Visitors can even fish it so make sure to bring fishing equipment especially if you also want to camp at Njanganan Beach.

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