The Real Adventurer Must Visit Oya River

Very fond of nature tourism? It must be lucky to be at Indonesia in which nature tourism is endless. Almost every place in Indonesia has potential natural tourism. Starting from mountains, beaches and rivers. Don’t forget also the caves and rivers in the cave. Going through the cave while looking at the stalactite and stalagmite might be normal. But what about walking along the river in the cave? It can see a stalactite in a rubber boat to walk along the river. There is a ride adrenaline driven with strong river flow. One of them is in the Gunungkidul Oya River.

Get to Know the Oya River

The Oya River or Oyo River is located in Gelaran Village, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Based on Oyo River history, it is said that this river is a periodic river type. Periodic river characteristics are when the rainy season has a large water discharge while in the dry season the water debit decreases or there is less water. Except Pindul Cave, it can be said that the Oyo River or River Tubing Oyo is a mainstay adventure tour of Gunung Kidul. Many visitors walking through Pindul Cave continued along the Oyo River. Moreover, the distance between Pindul Cave and Oyo River is not too far away. At least the distance is of about 1 km.

Exciting Adventure

Adventure tourism does provide a different atmosphere when compared to vacation on Watu Lumbung Beach. Nature cannot be predicted. Can give an unforgettable surprise anytime especially in the periodic river. When visiting it during the rainy season, the volume of water increases. Likewise, with this river. During the rainy season, the Oya River rafting tourGunung Kidul Yogyakarta Special Region can reach 2 to 4 times farther than during the dry season. The water flow is even tighter. Likewise, with the water waves. It really triggers adrenaline.

Beautiful Scenery

While on vacation sometimes even visitors just enjoy the atmosphere around, for example when they are in the Embung Batara Sriten. But it is different with adventure. Not only exciting adventures await. Beautiful scenery along the river is ready to welcome. Compared to Pindul Cave, which actually caving along the river, the Oyo River feels more integrated with the open air. When walking along the river, people will get a surprise of a waterfall with a height of 2 to 4 meters. This waterfall comes from the river flow in Pindul Cave.

Guaranteed Security

The operator has managed the security from the upstream River Oya. All equipment used is adjusted to the applicable standards. During the rainy season, rafting is usually done by inflatable boats, while when the water discharge is not too much, it will use tire tubing. Tubing tires are also used to navigate Pindul Cave. Every visitor who will walk along the river will wear a life jacket. Tires are always checked beforehand. Likewise, with the volume and wave of water.  When the water level is above normal as well as water waves, tours will usually be temporarily closed for security reasons. Guides are well trained and experienced. So there is nothing to worry about.

Of course, every time go along the river, luggage must be kept. Because walking down the riverit is better to follow every applicable provision to makes visitors keep safe. Each of these requirements will certainly not apply when visiting a Paragliding Hill/ Bukit Paralayang where the kind is air adventure. If people want photos in interesting spots, the guide will help. They don’t even hesitate to be a photographer who captures visitors’ excitement with friends while on the Oya River.

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