Let’s Take A Look At The Alternative Energy Resources at Parang Rancuk Beach

Traveling is always experienced as very fun holiday. It could even be a moment to increase knowledge. Nature tourism is considered as a form of utilization of natural resources as a tourist destination. Cultural tourism is carried out to recognize local culture. The beach itself is part of natural tourism. Beach also becomes cultural tourism because at the same time it allows the visitors to learn the culture of coastal communities around the coast. What about Parang Rancuk Beach in Gunungkidul Regency?

About Parang Rancuk Beach

Parang Rancuk Beach is located in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. The location is not far from the Baron Beach to the west about 3 km. This beach does not have wide sand but has high cliffs. It is indeed quite high at least 15 meters. On this beach you can see other beaches such as Kukup, Baron and Sepanjang. The waves hit towering hills cause a loud sound. For photography enthusiasts, being on this beach can give interesting angles from coastal views from a height, waves hit cliffs, and the activity of anglers. There are several favorite fishing spots since it is known for the large fish and marine biota. To to mention the view of the sunset which is really charming.

Enjoy Natural Scenery

Visiting this beach can be said to be a complete tour package to enjoy beautiful nature with mountains around the coast beautified by blue sea water, blue sky, and white clouds. Quiet beach conditions provide opportunities for visitors to explore every part of the beach to see all the potential things such as the natural landscape and the potential of the sea like existing sea fish, shellfish, seaweed or sea urchins that might be found.

Potential Alternative Energy Sources

Currently the use of renewable energy or alternative energy is indeed being empowered. This is because non-renewable energy sources can eventually run out. While the use of renewable energy is an option because the source is unlimited. Moreover, the use of renewable energy generally utilizes existing natural resources like water, wind, solar, sea tides or waves from sea water and others. Well, this beach also has great potential as an alternative energy source, especially the use of solar and sea waves. Moreover, the waves on this beach are also known to be quite large and the heat of the sun is quite intense during the day.

Some evidence shows the potential for alternative energy with the prototype of the Solar Power Plant by solar cell. This prototype was built since 2002 and has been used for the development of alternative energy using solar power. In addition, there is also a prototype of a Wave Power Plant (PLTG) or some who call it a Wave Power Plant (PLTO). This prototype is used to develop alternative energy using waves. The place where these two prototypes are located is also known as the Technopark Baron. The existence of both prototypes with a variety of supporting equipment including windmills provides an interesting view. This scene certainly cannot be found when visiting other beaches likeWatu Kodok beach.

Go to Parang Racuk Beach

To get to the Sanglen Beach or Parang Racuk has now getting easier thanks to Google Map. The existence of this map makes it easier. Through the route from Yogyakarta go to Wonosari Road to Piyungan and continue to Patuk Gunungkidul hill. On this hill enjoy the scenery before continuing to Sambipitu and Bunder Forest. Then proceed to Playen and Wonosari market. Before Police station, turn right towards Baron Street. Furthermore, from the Shipping Vocational School go straight until Kemadang. Then before the junction heading the Baron beach turn right then left. Finally, you will find yourself arriving at Parang Racuk Beach Gunungkidul.

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