Pesewan Beach: A Hidden Paradise for Fishing Fans

When the holidays arrive usually people decide to visit tourist attractions. There are also those who prefer to do their hobbies that are delayed due to the density of activity. Many hobbies are carried out during holidays, usually cooking, reading and fishing. Fishing is a favorite hobby because not only does it catch fish but allows you to enjoy the natural scenery when fishing in the open. One of them is on the beach.

Fishing on Pesewan Beach

Pesewan Beach can be found in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach is located quite hidden because it is located between two cliffs in the area of ​​one of the beaches that is quite popular, Wediombo. Not many people know or hear the name of this beach. Pesawan Beach Gunungkidul is in the eastern part of the area from Watu Lumbung and flanked by two high cliffs. Both cliffs face directly into the deep sea. Besides being less popular, the beaches are considered less attractive. Cleanliness of the beach is not maintained. That is why this beach is often not on the list of beach recommendations that need to be visited.

A quiet beach is perfect for people who want to find a quiet place to relax. Sometimes a quiet atmosphere is more needed than the view. The quiet beach is very suitable for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing requires a calm atmosphere so the fishes do not hesitate to reach the bait. The existence of the beach that is flanked by two high cliffs makes the Pesewan Beach route can only be reached on foot precisely after arriving at the parking area of ​​Watu Lumbung Beach by passing the existing path. The condition of the cliff that juts into the sea is what makes it not possible to traverse the coast when heading to the location.

Formerly a Traditional Ceremony Place

This beach may not have many visitors but it used to be a place for traditional ceremonies. Before being held at Wediombo Beach, Ngalangi Tradition was held on this beach. This is because this beach is relatively narrower so it cannot accommodate many people. Both local residents who took part in the implementation of the tradition and curious visitors who wanted to take part in the tradition. This beach can be used as an alternative destination for seclusion besides Sinden Beach and other quiet beaches.

Crowded Anglers

Although not as crowded as Sedahan beach and other beaches, there are still some who visit this place. Especially fans of fishing and fishing use a kind of trap. The trap is installed in the afternoon and harvested the following day in the morning. Besides these anglers there are not many visitors doing other activities on this beach. Other visitors to this beach are usually people who are curious and want to know how the beach conditions. Other visitors are usually adventure tourism enthusiasts because to go to this location visitors have to go through access that is not easy.

Potential for tourism

The beauty offered is not like Dadapan Beach and other beaches. The characteristics of this beach are sloping with a little white sand, small rocks and are being found on the beach. Coral cliffs around the coast are almost the same as those around the Wediombo area which formed from ancient volcanic eruptions. This beach is actually also the mouth of a small river but it only flows through rain when it rains. If curious about the appearance of the Pasewan Beach Wediombo Gunungkidul, it is better to stop by for a moment.

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