Let’s Go Fishing at Peyuyon Beach

Sea fishing isn’t just ordinary fishing. It can be a recreation while enjoying the sea view. Some spots even provide views of the sunrise or sunset. So, if you want to see the view of the sunrise, you must go before dawn. Whereas to enjoy the sunset, you may come at afternoon. Want to enjoy both? Go fishing at afternoon until the next day by camping. One of the beaches which become a favorite location for fishing is Peyuyon Beach Gunungkidul.

Location of Peyuyon Beach

Peyuyon Beach is located in Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency as one of beautiful beaches that should not be missed. This beach is about 60 km from city center of Yogyakarta. There is no public transportation to go to the Peyuyon Beach location so it is necessary to to use a private vehicle or rent it. The journey to Gunungkidul is indeed through a smooth highway. The next challenge when traveling is to find a location by passing the village road, rough or rocky paved road before finally parking the vehicle and continue on foot. The location to the beach can only be passed by walking.

Route to Peyuyon

You may use advantage of Google maps, but for easier way to visit Peyuyon Beach Jogja, you should take the route to Ngrenehan Beach. So, from Yogyakarta, drive the vehicle to Piyungan. Continue to Patuk, go to Gading until Ivory T-junction, take the right to Playen market. Then proceed to the Paliyan market to the TNI Puslatpur just straight south to Saptosari. Next please go to Trawono Market to Ngrenehan Beach.

Before arriving at Ngrenehan Beach, turn left following the road to Widodaren beach. However, before it reaches Widodaren, turn left through the block road, followed by a rocky road. Keep going to find the hut to park the vehicle there. Afterward, go through the path on the right and the left is a bush. Do not hesitate to greet or ask local people whether the direction is correct because there is no sign board to the location. When it’s getting closer to the beach, the sound of the waves can be heard from a distance. The sound of the waves increases the excitement to quickly arrive at the beach.

Paradise for Fishing Enthusiasts

Once arrive at Peyuyon, a charming view of the beach greets with its not too broad line, natural sand, and almost no footprints. Unlike the Ngungap beach, it can be said that Peyuyon is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The water looks blue and many fish are seen swimming here. So don’t be too surprised when arrive in the morning or evening, there are groups of people with fishing roads occupying their favorite spots. There are indeed local residents and some from outside the city. For fan of fishing, don’t forget to bring fishing gear while visiting this beach.


When being on Wono Beach you can enjoy the scenery. In Peyuyon, the breeze and the sound of the waves increased the spirit of fishing. Waiting for fish to catch the bait won’t be boring either. The scenery in Peyuyon is truly spectacular. It is flanked by mountains makes this beach hidden. The sand is so clean and the water is clear. On the beach there is a pandanus to be a shelter when the weather is so hot. The sand is not too wide but this beach can be used for camping. Especially for those who want to enjoy the night atmosphere on the beach. Before deciding to camp, it’s good to ask permission from the local for camping at Peyuyon Beach.

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