Must Do Activities at Pok Tunggal Beach

Daily activities, traffic, burden work, could lead to boredom. This is why vacation is needed. Luckily Indonesia is rich in nature so it is not difficult to find interesting tourist attractions including in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Although in every vacation trip does not always leave interesting stories but still it will be a pleasant experience. Like when on vacation at Pok Tunggal Beach. Even a pleasant experience can be felt.

About Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach is indeed one of main destination beaches in Gunungkidul Regency besides other popular beaches such as Indrayanti Beach. In addition, there are also Baron, Sepanjang, Kukup, Krakal, and Drini. Even the Pok Tunggal Beach entrance ticket is only IDR 10,000, The atmosphere of the beach is indeed far different with city. The crowd is replaced by the sound of waves that are sometimes shocking and at the same time calming. The views of the hills around it increasingly provide an epic natural landscape. It can be visited in the morning, afternoon, evening or night.

Beach Special Icon

When being on Pok Tunggal Beach camping visitors can walk along and look at each side of the beach and find this beach icon. The icon is a duras tree that grows shady on the shoreline. This tree is very well maintained by the surrounding community. The type of tree is very difficult to grow so its existence needs to be discussed first. The existence of trees makes the beach more recognizable. Not a few visitors take photos in front of the tree. But always remember to respect the local culture. This iconic beach tree is able to provide beautiful scenery at sunset.

Enchanting Panorama

When enjoying the beach view, Pok Tunggal Sunset has been able to give a feeling of joy. A line of cliffs stand tall as if protecting the beach from danger. Plus that there is a variety of wildlife on the cliffs increasingly challenging to visit. This beach in the middle of the center is between the Indrayanti and Siung Beaches always offers curiosity moreover because of its thrilling waves. It is fun when coming in the morning or evening because it is not too hot yet the sky is bright blue, the sea is clear and ready to walk. Don’t forget the white sand which makes it even more charming and making the eyes stunned.

Pok Tunggal Origin Name

The name Somandeng Beach certainly makes many curious, so did when knowing the name of this beach. Pok Tunggal was taken from the duras tree which became the icon of the beach. Now, because the tree is the only one then it is called single or tunggal. To find out more about the story of the name of this beach, ask the people met. For example, parking attendants, coffee or food vendors, this interaction with local is good to do. How to meet new people, tell each other and find new experiences.

Route to the Beach

Towards Ndawud beach, of course, the route offered is also different. Because the location is close to Indrayanti, you can stop by while visiting one of the beaches. Usually, it takes only about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, it takes at least two hours if you depart from the city of Yogyakarta.

To find out the route to the location, use google map. But sometimes this is less effective when suddenly the internet network is weak. Well, this is the advantage of setting up a location route. If ready to get a pleasant new experience during your vacation, immediately decide to choose Pok Tunggal Beach Gunungkidul as a destination.

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