The Beauty of Porok Beach Gunungkidul

Gunungkidul is known for its beautiful beaches. Some beaches are already quite popular while others are hidden and not widely known. The locations of the beaches are also quite close together. So if you want to visit it, it’s actually quite easy. But before visiting it, better to make a plan first about which beach to visit. One of them is Porok Beach which is located not far from Kukup Beach just about 1 km. So you can visit both beaches at once.

About Porok Beach

Porok Beach is located not too far from Kukup Beach, precisely in Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach has not been managed professionally so it is still quiet. But don’t doubt the beauty of this beach. On this beach you can see the Kukup Beach gate view very clearly. There are interesting views since the beach is flanked by mountains. The sand is wide, allowing visitors to explore it as much as they like. Moreover, the number of visitors is not too much. The beach is surrounded by pine trees which makes it look more beautiful. The waves on this beach are big enough so it is necessary to be careful.

Route to Porok

Because of its remote location, this beach is certainly not supported by various public facilities including parking. Visitors usually park vehicles that are used in Kukup beach. The different parking locations are different how to get to the location. If choose to park the vehicle in Kukup then people can go along the beach by walking along the hill on the east coast when receding. Continue walking the path through the fields to arrive at Porok.

There are actually several routes. The routes are through Kukup, Pantai Sepanjang or the Lolang Beach if you come from Yogyakarta. Just follow the google map for easier way and occasionally ask the local people regarding the location. If you decide to park a vehicle on Sepanjang Beach or Lolang then walk through the fields and hills which is next to Lolang Beach. At least it needs 20 minutes of travel, prepare your own supply is a better option. The difficulty of the street field will be paid off once you reach the beach.

Research Center Plan

This beach is not as crowded as Baron Beach, but both have the potential for scientific development. Baron Beach with its alternative energy along the coast in March 2017 was planned as a research center for marine and coastal resources by the Biology Faculty UGM. But until now the clarity is uncertain. At that time it was said that Indonesia did not have a research field station yet specifically related to marine and coastal resources in the South Coast of Java. Moreover, research related to maritime affairs is still very limited even though Indonesia is a maritime country with sea owned.

Supporting Community Welfare

The plan as a research location is not only related to marine resources itself but it is also related to coastal communities. So far, most of the surrounding communities only look for fish, sea urchins, seaweed and so on. Then they sell it or process it for their own consumption. For example processing fish, seaweed, includes how to cultivate it. Cultivation of lobsters, nori, microalgae and so on includes the conservation relations.

In the end when it is truly used as a place of research, it can benefit everyone. But apart from that, people can still visit it to find out the hidden potential for tourism and maybe even understand why Porok Beach will be used as a research location.

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