Hidden Paradise at Pringjono Beach

Gunung Kidul Regency has a row of beaches that offer views of white sand. In addition, there are also cliffs that are often being favorite places for people who have a hobby of fishing. These beaches offer views of soft white sand and natural coral cliffs. Coupled with sound waves that vibrates the soul. The most favored sight is able to see the sunset slowly descending in the sea. No wonder even though it is in a hidden place but the beaches are able to invite the curiosity of tourists to visit it.

About Pringjono Beach

One of the beaches able to attract visitors is Pringjono Beach. This beach is located in Krambitsawit Village, Gunungkidul Regency. When on this beach people will see a row of coral cliffs surrounded the beach. The waves that came were hit the rock breaking up showing spectacular scene. Soft white sand, studded shells welcoming feet as they set it on this beach. When on a quiet beach, clean sand and relatively small waves visitors may feel calm and comfortable. In the end when vacationing on the beach, the beauty of the beach panorama is must to see as it can help increase feeling of relaxation and happiness.

Hidden Beach

It has widely known that there are still many beaches in Gunung Kidul with an amazing untouched panorama by tourism industry. The natural beauty exists has not supported yet with an established transportation infrastructure. As a result, not everyone know the beauty of Pringjono, which is located close to the Nguyahan beach. Some people know its beach as Pringjono Beach Wonogiri since it closer to the Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, it takes longer time from the direction of Yogyakarta. At least 60 km distance needs to be taken using a private vehicle before finally having to go through trekking path for about 20minutes. Prepare a good condition of vehicle and stamina to do this adventurous journey.

It can be said that the trekking path on field is quite heavy especially with the streets going up and down. Sometimes there are residents who are in their fields. During the trip visitors can enjoy the natural scenery like rice fields and greenery on either side of the road. Breathe the fresh air with lacks pollution. The natural scenery can also be enjoyed when visiting other hidden beaches such as Widodaren beach. So do not imagine the existence of lodging and other supporting facilities.

Prepare Own Supplies

Often when visiting a place, visitors want to taste typical food in the place. But don’t ever imagine it when visiting a quiet or hidden beach. To reach the beach it need to bring own supplies. Similarly, when visiting Ngeden Beach. The supplies consisted of food, drinks, mats, hammocks, tents and plastic bags for trash bins. This needs to be done when visiting non touristy beach. The beach has not been managed by the local government. Food and drinks are needed to maintain energy during the trip. So supplies are the key to travel. If necessary, don’t hesitate to ask local people around beach to get easy access to bathroom or clean water.

Keep Cleanliness

The advantage of quiet beaches such as Nglambor Beach and Banyunibo Beach or others is a good location for camping. But do not come from camping before asking local people. They may have certain cultures or customs. Besides that, it is easy to maintain the cleanliness around the beach. Bring back all garbage. It is easy to find the beauty of hidden beaches. But to keep it and maintain its cleanliness and sustainability it needs effort and commitment. So, ready to visit Pringjono Beach?

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