Must Do Activities at Sadeng Beach

Each tourist object usually has a story behind which sometimes forgotten and replaced by the scene offered by the place. As happened in Sadeng Gunungkidul Beach. Not many people notice that the Bengawan Solo River used to disembogue to the beach. Until finally there was a geological process four million years ago where the Australian plate hit the bottom of Java Island which made it slowly lifted. This makes the river flown to the north. The flow path also remains a trail because there is no water flowing it. People could trace it when visiting the beach that was originally its place.

Sadeng Beach Location

To reach Sadeng Beach, you could start the journey from Yogyakarta that takes at least two to three hours to travel. To get to this beach you can follow the path to the lane beach in Gunungkidul Regency. Basically the Sadeng Beach route is the same as the Wediombo Beach route because of its location just east of the beach. It could be said that this beach is almost close to the border of Wonogiri Regency, Central Java, so don’t be surprised if someone calls it the Sadeng Beach Wonogiri. To expedite the trip, it is better to bring own vehicle either owned or rented. It is less to be able to use public transportation in this place.

Tracing the Bengawan Solo River Path

One of the things cannot be done at Tanjung Menyer Beach and other beaches like when visiting Sadeng Beach is tracing the Bengawan Solo River path. It can be seen since the sign says Girisubo – Capital District. There are two limestone hills extending over the lowlands which were originally river channels. Visitors can follow the flow path to the south to the former estuary, which is at Sadeng Beach. But the view of the path to the south is not as beautiful as going north because the road to the beach is not in the same direction as the Bengawan Solo River.

Fishing Spot

For fishing enthusiasts, it’s good to try fishing on Sadeng Beach. There are many varieties of fish on this beach including tuna, snapper or grouper. Usually people like fishing on the dock. People can also rent boats and fish in the sea. There are many fishermen who are willing to rent boats and accompany visitors to sea fishing. Rental prices vary according to the type of vessel, size and time of rental. It will be fun to roll around with fellow fishing fans. Fishermen will be taken to locations with lots of fish. Visitors can find the rental price and the best time to sail to sea.

Unlike in Grendan Beach when visiting Sadeng you can also stop at the fish port. Basically, since decades ago this beach became a gathering place for fishermen. Later, fish catch is abundant and more development is carried out. Starting from the establishment of a fish auction site, the harbor and lighthouse in 1986 were continued to establish union in 1989 and 1995, an office was set up which regulated fish catches as well as established lodges or rented areas for fishermen.

Enjoying the Views of Coastal Communities

At Wedanan Beach it is likely people cannot enjoy the daily views of coastal communities. But when in Sadeng, they can see the activities of the fishermen. Starting from cleaning the boat, going and going to sea, seeing the busy of the fishermen who transported fish from their boat to the fish auction place. Or also see fishermen grinding ice cubes to preserve fish and sand dunes near the lighthouse. Do not forget also the culinary tours while in Sadeng Beach Gunungkidul.

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