The Reasons Why People Must Visit Sadranan Beach

The beauty of a beach is real. The blue sea contrasts with the waves and the beach as well as the scenery around it. The existing color combination gives a feeling of pleasure. It coupled with the sound of waves and the wind giving a feeling of calm. It is right combination to release stress with a sensory effect when the skin touches sand, rock or waves while playing water. This is why, regardless of how many times visiting a beach always gives the feeling of wanting to be back. Moreover, new beaches that have not been visited certainly increase curiosity.

Get to know Sadranan Beach

One of the beaches that should not be missed is Sadranan Beach at Gunungkidul Regency. It is a beach with charming beauty. The advantage of visiting the beaches in Gunungkidul is its close location of one another. So don’t be surprised when paying a Sadranan Beach entrance ticket of IDR 10,000, – including tickets to visit other beaches such as Pok Tunggal, Drini, Sepanjang, Sundak Beach, Baron, Krakal, and Indrayanti Beach. There are even other beaches with no entrance fee but parking fee because they have not been managed professionally or still quiet. The beach always has an attraction. So it isn’t a surprise that visitors always come at any season. Both the rainy and dry season beach will always have many visitors.

Sadranan Name Origin

The origin of Sadranan comes from Nyadran word which means the sea alms ritual. This ceremony is a form to express the gratitude of the local community to the Creator of sea and everything. Local people are indeed looking for income through the sea such as fish, seaweed, shellfish and so on. This traditional ceremony is held annually. So it will be a good fortune when visitors can see the rituals performed by the local community. So, do not hesitate to find out about Sadranan Beach Inn or its surroundings to enjoy this traditional cultural and natural tour.

Snorkeling Spot

This beach is a favorite place for young people. Usually used for camping and snorkeling. Camping on the beach is always fun. Especially if enjoyed with friends. Enjoy the beach air at night, the darkness of the night, enjoy the stars, plus the sound of the waves that make the atmosphere more relaxed. Camping in Sadranan is complete tour package since visitors can get the views of the beach, sunset or sunrise while snorkeling. See the beauty of the underwater scenery. Moreover, the right time to snorkel is when the sea is receding. Usually in the morning or evening. Now, with a stay or camping, the opportunity is very wide open. If don’t have the equipment, rental is available here included the guide. The snorkeling fee at Sadranan Beach is quite affordable.

Preparation to Do

Traveling to Somandeng Beach certainly requires preparation. It’s started from finding a location, equipment to be brought, including supplies and travel routes needed. The route to Sadranan can be via the road to Krakal Beach. Walk down the road until find road instructions to enter Sadranan.

Other preparation is the equipment to be carried. For example, like fishing, carry fishing gear especially when camping at the same time. If interested in snorkeling, bring the equipment, if you don’t have, there are available snorkeling gears to rent included with the guide. To do snorkeling, make sure to always remember using proper footwear so that the coral does not hurt while snorkeling. Do not even damage or touch the existing coral reefs. Do not hesitate to ask local people. So, be ready, pack the bag, and get more pleasure by visiting Sadranan Beach.

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