The Beautiful Scenery at Sanglen Beach

Nature tourism always remarks its own attractiveness. How the natural atmosphere will be able to give calm and happiness to forget all the burdens for a moment before returning to daily routines activities. One of the favorite natural attractions is of course the beach. Not only it allows people to enjoy the scenery, but also interact directly with nature and the surrounding community. One of the places which has a lot of beach tourism is Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Get to Know Sanglen Beach

One of the favorite locations in Gunungkidul Regency which later has made people curious is Sanglen Beach. This beach is located in Kemadang Village, one area with Watu Kodok beach so that visitors can visit it at once. This beach offers a quiet and comfortable atmosphere for me time or look for inspiration.

The waves are not too big and the sand feels smooth. Many visitors swim on the beach. But the number of coral and sea urchin fragments on this beach makes visitors should use footwear or be careful on stepping. Morning or evening is the right time to enjoy the atmosphere on this beach. The atmosphere offered makes people feel great and relaxed. If the weather supports, the sunset panorama is so spectacular.

Camping Ground

For visitors who want to feel closer to nature and really enjoy the atmosphere, camping on Sanglen Beach can be tried. Not just playing water, playing sand, and running around on waves but also enjoying the atmosphere by staying overnight, staying in a tent until the next day. Especially on this beach there are toilet facilities and camping equipment rentals. While for supplies such as food and drinks, must be bought outside, including medicines and thick clothing. In addition to camping, there are also some visitors who enjoy time on this beach lying on a hammock. So they brought a hammock and put it on a pine tree on this beach.

No wonder Sanglen Beach Gunungkidul is one of the favorite tourist attractions for adventure. It is a kind of package complete with views of the sea and the surrounding nature. The parking location is quite far from the beach so you need to walk along the path with bushes on the left and right. The number of pine trees on the beach adds to the more beautiful and natural atmosphere of the beach. The atmosphere is quiet because there aren’t too many visitors making beaches like their own.

Local Residents’ Wisdom

Some are curious about the Sanglen beach entrance ticket, don’t worry because it’s quite affordable. The beach with lush pine and pandanus trees offers comfort while enjoying time on the beach. There is no permanent building around the beach location because it is not allowed. Buildings are forbidden to be built so that the beauty and naturalness of the beach is maintained. Do not hesitate to greet local people. Every place usually has its own rules so don’t hesitate to ask what is forbidden and permissible especially if you are going to camp on the beach.

Once Called as Private Island

Rows of quiet beaches in Gunungkidul such as Kapen Beach, Sepanjang Beach and Sanglen often get the called as a private beach or private island because visitors are still quiet. But precisely this is the most interesting. Especially for visitors who are looking for quiet tourist object because they really want to enjoy holiday atmosphere. Moreover, this quiet beach is usually close to other beaches. Even the entrance ticket can be at the same time for several beaches. So even though have to travel about 50 km from the city of Yogyakarta do not discourage the stop at Sanglen Beach.

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