The Beauty of Sarangan Beach Among Hills

The interesting thing about the beaches in Gunungkidul is the natural scenery around them. When visiting the existing beaches, it is common to get bonus views of the mountains and agricultural areas of local residents. This is one of its features, beaches with hills around it. Not only found on popular beaches but also on quiet beaches. Later these quiet beaches are in demand. One of them is Sarangan Beach.

About Sarangan Beach

Sarangan Beach can be visited in Ngestirejo Village, Gunungkidul. This beach is still quiet and natural so it is worth visiting. Moreover, its beauty need not be doubted. The location is just west of Krakal Beach. When visiting Krakal, you can stop for a moment on this beach. This beach is also still in one lane with other beaches such as Baron, Sepanjang, Kukup Beach and Indrayanti Beach. All the beaches are equally beautiful with their characteristics. Beach with the sound of waves gives a sense of comfort, likewise with the sea breeze. The atmosphere of the beach is never bored. So, even though there are many new beaches there are still many visitors.

The uniqueness of Sarangan Beach

Unlike the Watu Bolong beach with its hollow rock, the unique of Sarangan is, beach flanked by two hills. The beach with a coastline of around 200 meters is curved with hills on the right and left. The existence of these two hills compose a beautiful view. It is very comfortable to look at while enjoying the wind. The quiet beach atmosphere also offers more peace while on vacation. The beach also has a favorite spot for visitors, which is located on a cliff built by the local government. Through the hill, you can enjoy the view of the surrounding beach that looks lined. In addition, you can also enjoy the sunset view that is usually awaited.

Route to Sarangan Beach

The location of Sarangan Beach is distance 70 km from Yogyakarta with about 2 hours driving. To find out the direction, use google map, but if the internet network is less stable, the route will be lost before reaching the destination. This beach location is not far from Krakal Beach, this means you need to follow the route or point the way to Krakal Beach. Besides that, the location of the beach is also still in line with the Sepanjang Beach. Asking local people will really help when you get lost or get some difficulties on the way to the location. So don’t have to worry about having trouble in finding a location.

Supporting Facilities

Visiting the beach in Gunungkidul, not all beaches have been supported with adequate facilities. Some are equipped with bathrooms, musholla, food stalls and even souvenir shops. There are also only equipped bathrooms. There are also beaches with no supporting facilities at all. When visiting the Trenggole Beach, the facilities available are very different from the facilities in Sarangan. So, do not hesitate to bring a variety of supporting equipment that will make convenience for vacation. Especially food and drink supplies.

The more crowded visitors to a tourist spot including the beach usually affect cleanliness. Especially when the supporting facilities are not adequate. For example, the unavailability of trash bins makes people litter around the beach. Not only does this disturb the scenery but also damagse the environment. So, don’t become part of the environmental destroyers.Don’t forget to always bring back your own garbage back while on the beach especially when there is no landfill at the location. Do not let the existence of garbage disturb or even damage the beauty offered by Sarangan Beach Gunungkidul.

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