Sedahan Beach, A Best Place for Fishing Fans

Have you ever heard of Sedahan Beach? That is one of the rows of Gunungkidul beach which is well known for the beauty beaches along the southern coastline. Gunungkidul is one of the regencies in the Special Province of Yogyakarta which has many beaches choices to vacant and do hobbies. For example a hobby of enjoying natural scenery, camping or fishing hobbies. All of these activities are more enjoyable when enjoyed with friends, family or loved ones. It is a great destination on vacation.

Sedahan Beach Location

Sedahan Beach is at least 75 km away and takes about two hours travel from Jogja. This beach is in one lane with Wediombo Beach, Jungwok Beach, Watu Lumbung Beach, and Purba Batur Volcano. Greweng Beach is right next to it while Wediombo Beach is on the west. You can visit these beaches at once in a day because of their proximity. How about the beach entrance ticket? Although it has not been professionally managed like the tourism industry, every visitor is still charged an entrance fee. But no need to worry because the entrance ticket to Sedahan Beach is quite affordable. When this article is written, each visitor is only charged a ticket of IDR 5000.

Camping and Fishing Place

Like the Ngregisan Beach that can be used for camping and fishing as well as Sedahan, this beach is far better known among anglers than the general public outside Jepitu, Girisubo, Gunungkidul. Many visitors are willing to come to this beach even though they are from outside Gunungkidul. This beach is still natural and beautiful and flanked by two headlands that make the beach as if flanked by two mountains to the right and left. This calm and natural atmosphere makes fishing enthusiasts very comfortable fishing on this beach.

This place is not only for fishing but also very popular for camping. Many visitors are happy to camp at Sedahan Beach. The beach area is not too wide but the night atmosphere on the beach gives a special sensation. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves, and the opportunity to grill fish from the fishing rods are certainly provides an unforgettable holiday experience. At weekends, this location is crowded with visitors fishing or camping. It’s just that Sedahan Beach facilities are not complete. It still lacks of a bathroom or food stall. If youare interested in spending a holiday on this beach, you should complete the equipment carried while on the beach.

Turtle Nesting Ground

Various microorganisms on the beach are able to attract attention with its existing marine biota. Usually it is a beach attraction. Including one of the mysteries of Sedahan Beach where visitors have to carry their waste and maintain the beach environment. On the beach besides, there is often a place for turtles to lay their eggs. Even visiting this beach can be one of the opportunities to learn how to protect the environment including maintaining the preservation of the beach and rare turtles in Sedahan. 

A Complete and Enjoyable Vacation

It cannot be denied that Gunungkidul is a district that offers a complete holiday that is fun. When visiting Botorubuh beach continues to the Ngungap beach and Sedahan, it is surely a different vacation experience. Both offer natural beauty and adventure at once since to get to the beach location is not easy. To beach visitors should do trekking, while on the beach camping and fishing are other fun activities to do.  Don’t forget to enjoy every moment with friends or beloved one on holiday while enjoying beach scenery.  So, be ready to have vacation at Sedahan Beach Gunungkidul.

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