The Fascinations of Sedahan Beach Gunungkidul

The beach always has an attraction in every part. This makes the beach one of the most popular destinations on vacation. Every time the holiday arrives, social media is filled with photos of holiday taken place one of them on the beach. Although there are many beaches, each beach always has their own characteristics. It makes the beach look attractive and makes people curious to visit it. Sedahan Beach Gunungkidul is part of the beaches that invite curiosity.

About Sedahan Beach

Sedahan Beach is one of the white sandy beaches located in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location is about 4 km from Wedi Ombo Beach to the east. it is not far from Greweng Beach which is on the west side. Based on the Sedahan Beach picture it can be seen that this beach has a longer coastline than Greweng Beach. Have a rough sand beach typical of Gunungkidul beach.

The beach area looks like flanked by two coral cliffs jutting into the middle of the sea. Both cliffs are indeed on both sides of the beach. Through the path you can visit the top of the coral cliff. Through the price of the Sedahan Beach entrance ticket which is not much, visitors can see the rock bottom when the beach recedes. There are lots of seaweed and algae and other marine biota. Seaweed will be harvested by farmers for sale or consumption at a certain time.

Camping and Fishing Favorite Places

Quiet and hidden beaches are usually well known among people who have a hobby of fishing especially in the open like rivers and sea. Usually they know which beaches have the best spots for fishing. If curious about Sanglen Beach whether it also includes a beach that has the best fishing spots or not, ask to local people. Sedahan itself from the beginning is often crowded with local people and from outside the area. Natural beach conditions make these anglers like it.

Besides being known to have the best spot to catch fish, this place is later favored as a place for camping. Previously, Greweng Beach is the destination for camping, but because it is crowded, visitors finally encourage other camping fans to look for alternative places that ae more comfortable and less crowded. One of them is camping Sedahan Beach. The place is perfect for fishing and camping. Enjoying the night on the beach while having seafood barbeque would be very pleasant. Enjoy grilled fish under the stars studded with sea air at night. Not surprisingly, the beach is increasingly crowded with visitors, especially for fishing and camping.

Inadequate Facilities

The incomplete Sedahan Beach facilities certainly will not make outdoor tourism fans discourage them from stopping by this beach. Especially when deciding to go camping. When this article was written, this beach was not supported yet with public bathrooms, small mosque or food stalls. But conditions like this do not discourage visitors to Sedahan and the Ndawud Beach or other quiet beaches.

Towards Sedahan

This beach is indeed far from Somandeng Beach because it is closer to Sinden Beach. To get to Sedahan there are two choices offered. First, go directly to the beach through a rocky road about one meter wide. The use of motorbikes is recommended. Second is by walking through several beaches. This means going to the beach by exploring Jungwok Beach to the east past Ngusalan Beach, Greweng Beach and Sinden Beach. The second way is certainly more challenging but exciting because of the amazing natural scenery along the way. Trip to Sedahan Beach will be more interesting if it done in group.

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