Let’s Have Vacation at Sembung Beach Gunungkidul

Vacation, visiting tourist attractions seems to have become a necessity. Pressure in work and in social life often makes people feel uneasy. Work is not optimal because of lack of concentration. Not to mention the density of urban road traffic increasingly causes of distressed thoughts. Getting a vacation opportunity becomes its own entertainment and provides happiness which ultimately affects the enthusiasm to work and enjoy life. The beach is one of the preferred tourist attractions. How about you?

Get to know Sembung Beach

Sembung Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. Previously not many people visited Gunungkidul. However, in recent years visitors who enter the regency are increasing in number, especially those who visit the existing tourist attractions. Among the many new beaches at Gunungkidul, the Sembung beach is quite popular. View of the high seas, the coastline meets a stretch of sand into a soothing combination of eyes. It is being the right place to provide space to relax for a moment. Plus the roaring sound of the waves meets the rock into melodic for relaxation.

There are many tourist attractions that exist but the beach always has a place in the heart. The breeze on the beach is always able to give a special sensation. Plus the existing marine biota adds to the beauty. Interacting with local residents and other visitors can add warmth to the heart. Even similar scenery can be found on the Glambor Timang Beach, but each place is fascinated by its own characteristics or uniqueness. The uniqueness colors the beauty of the beach panorama. The beach is still clean of trash. However, it must always be considered because the higher the visitors, the control to protect the environment will usually be a lot more difficult.

How to Get to Sembung Beach

To be able to visit the Sembung as well as when going to the Nglambor Beach, you should find the location first. You can use technology or conventional way or a combination of both.  The disadvantage is when the internet network is not smooth. And this might happen when in Gunungkidul which is dominated by mountainous areas. You can use the network of friends with the traveler community who usually share information. There is no need to hesitate to ask the residents found on the street. Usually they will help happily even giving directions.

Transportation Used

If depart from Yogyakarta to Gunungkidul, it takes at least two hours. The public transportation to the main road of Gunungkidul limited so to get to certain beaches such as Banyunibo Beach, there will be a lot of difficulty. Therefore, it is inevitably to bring your own vehicle or rent. In this case, a group trip is definitely more comfortable as well as renting a car and driver. Moreover, right and left side of the the road to Gunungkidul is full of natural scenery. So don’t miss it. it’s good to bring enough food and drink supplies.

Affordable Ticket Prices

Natural tourism in Gunungkidul is diverse. Starting from river tours, caves in rivers, mountains and beaches. All have beauty that no doubt. That is why there is no reason not to visit them. Another reason why choosing a tour to Gunungkidul is that the price of admission to beaches is quite affordable. Generally IDR 10,000, – for some beaches at the same time because of by walking distance can visit other beaches. Some even only pay for parking because the beach is still quiet, has not been managed professionally. So there is no need to doubt making plans to explore the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. Including visiting this Sembung Beach.

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