Doing Adventurous Vacation at Semenanjung Biting

When people like to have some adventure, a new trip will be just the perfect way. When visiting a new place, interacting with people around it will usually open insight or other interesting things which frequently can lead to a new journey. Well, trip along Gunungkidul’s quiet beaches may bring to some unexpected adventures. For example, by deciding to visit Ngrenehan Beach fortunately people can see a small tower on the edge of a cliff. Ask the local people, this place is called Semenanjung Biting. So, ready for a new adventure?

Adventure Towards Semenanjung Biting

Semenanjung Biting is basically in the area of ​​Ngrenehan Beach in Gunungkidul Regency. The location is quite remote so the vehicle cannot possibly reach it. Every vehicle used should be parked in the parking area of ​​the Ngrenehan Fish Auction Place. Visitors should climb and explore the fields. The fields are along the hill. The residents have also made a kind of small road to the hills to their fields. Later when visitors are on the hill they will see the residents’ corn plantations. The challenge along the road is of course slippery and full of narrow small gap made of soil and stone. The path is barely visible because it only relies on footprints that often pass through.

The path is precisely in the west of the hill. If confused, don’t hesitate to ask the local people how to get to the peninsula. Once at the top of the hill, the sensation of relief will be felt when seeing the view of the fields with their corn plants, then continue walking through the pandanus trees until finally arrive at the end of the hill. Walk until finding the cliffs leading to the open sea. This indicates that visitors are already on the Semenanjung Biting Saptosari which its position heading into the sea. Up here you may enjoy the spectacular view while feels the rippling waves and the wind blowing.

Beautiful Scenery

On the Semenanjung Biting cliff people may see beautiful views from a distance. The different angle of Ngrenehan Beach. There is fishing port of Ngrenehan Beach. The arrangement of the boats lined up neatly after being used for sailing. It makes a very good spot for photography. The colors of the boat provide an interesting color combination. Some of the boats were being cleaned by fishermen. The South Sea view is also available without any barrier. In addition, you will be able to see Ngobaran Beach and Nguyahan Beach from a distance which is always interesting.

Beacon Light

The same scenery could not be found at Ngregisan Beach or Jungwok Beach. in this peninsula, people could have the opportunity to see the beacon lights. This beacon has a height of 10 meters. The presence of a beacon lights really helps the fishermen at night to find their way home. The place is also often used by anglers. Fish often move to the edge of the cliff so that it becomes a paradise for anglers to get fish.

What to be Prepared

The journey to the peninsula is certainly different compared to Watu Kebo Beach and other beaches. Peninsula is not a tourist spot like a beach with sand, coral fragments and so on. This peninsula is an alternative place to enjoy coastal views from different directions. So this place is only suitable for adventurous travel enthusiasts not just for fun. If visitors are okay with some challenges, the main preparation is of course a good physique. Don’t forget about food or drinks to support the trip. Because basically the trip to the Semenanjung Biting will provide a pleasant experience so it needs to be enjoyed every moment passed.

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