The Beauty of Sepanjang Beach

Being on the beach is always fun. It gives a feeling of relief and happiness. The air on the beach is refreshing; the wind blowing along with the sound of the waves is calming. Skin touches beach sand, broken shells, and slippery coral rock always gives happiness as the waves come. There are many beaches that can be visited. One of them is in Gunungkidul Regency with its exotic beaches. Have you ever visited these beaches?

About Sepanjang Beach

Sepanjang Beach is not far from Pantai Sundak. Even this beach entrance ticket includes admission tickets for Sundak, Baron, Kukup, Drini, Krakal, Indrayanti and Pok Tunggal Beach for IDR 10,000, – So to visit this beach, go to Kemadang Village, Gunungkidul Regency. There is no doubt about the beauty of the Sepanjang Beach Jogja. The long coastline is even mentioned as the longest compared to other Gunungkidul beaches.

This beach has white sand and waves that are preferred for surfing. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the beach by sunbathing on the sand or just strolling along the beach. For swimming fans, of course they can swim, but always pay attention to the condition of the waves on this beach. The atmosphere of this beach is still very natural with palm trees on the shoreline.

Belonging to nature is offered by the Sepanjang Beach Bantul to visitors. The well maintained rock is seen when the beach recedes. The waves reflecting blue give a sign that sea water has not been polluted by any pollutants. The marine biota is quite a lot such as the type of shellfish and starfish. Shells of various colors are beautiful and can be used to make crafts. Visitors can easily remove the embedded seaweed. There are also many sea urchins in which its inside can be consumed but it is necessary to be careful not to hit by the puncture. Many local residents are looking for sea urchins for daily consumption.

Getting to Know Local Culture

When visiting the Sepanjang Beach bay visitors can see the culture of the surrounding community at the same time such as knowing their daily life by looking at daily activities. Even though they are on the beach, most of the local people are still farming. Around the beach, there are the people’s fields. The slope part of the two hills around the beach is also used to plant corn. There are no permanent buildings around the coast but huts with roofs made of leaves can be used to take a rest while enjoying the food or drinks sold by local residents. People can enjoy food and drinks with views of the sea accompanied by the sea breeze.

Friendly with Neighborhood Residents

When on Sanglen Beach or other beaches including Sepanjang, it’s always good to be friendly with the surrounding residents. From them visitors can get information about historical sites in Sepanjang, namely Banyusepuh. Banyu means water while sepuh means wash. Banyusepuh can be understood as a spring that is used for washing or cleaning. It is said that the guardians used to clean up their inheritance. But the existence of this site is not maintained so it only looks like a former pool of water with weeds around it.

Interesting Souvenirs

While on Watu Kodok Beach may be different when at Kapen Beach because not all beaches in Gunungkidul have places that sell souvenirs. But not with Sepanjang beach, there are places selling interesting souvenirs. Souvenirs made from shells with various forms such as trains, puppets, animals and so on. How? Have you decided to visit Sepanjang Beach?

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