The Enchantment of Seruni Beach Gunungkidul

Each beach has its own fascinations. These beauties can give a deep impression to every visitor. This attraction can be unique becoming a magnet for other curious visitors. It may from the culture or habits of the local community, a unique name or the natural processes uniqueness which was existed for many years ago. The uniqueness of this one is usually found in many natural tourist attractions. One of them is the uniqueness of Gunungkidul Seruni Beach.

About Seruni Beach

Seruni Beach is located in Tepus District, Gunungkidul Regency. This beach location is not far from Pok Tunggal Beach. Similar to Pok Tunggal Beach, this beach is also managed and developed by the surrounding local community. Seruni comes from the name of the flower Chrysanthemum. But there are no chrysanthemums on this beach. Seruni itself means gold. Gold can be understood as a symbol of prosperity. This can be understood as a symbol that the beach is a source of income or livelihood for the surrounding community. And indeed not a few local people earn income from this beach. Like the residents around the Krisik Beach.

The Uniqueness of Seruni Beach

Like other beaches in Gunungkidul, the beauty is not need to be doubted. Likewise this Seruni beach, sand stretches beautifully looking so white and clean. The hills on both sides beach provide a stunning view of anyone who sees it. Take a walk along the beach to the east of the beach, there is a fresh spring. Uniquely the spring is shaped like a waterfall but small in size. Below the waterfall is equipped with a shelter and shower pipes that connect the water. May be it can be used to clean after playing at beach. Unlikely, people only visit this spring when the sea is receding. This uniqueness will certainly not be found when you visit the Serah Beach and other beaches.

Towards Seruni Beach

If people already know regarding the Seruni Beach address, it is certainly easier to find. After all, the location is not too far from Pok Tunggal Beach even in the direction. The advantage of tourism on Gunungkidul beaches is the location tends to be close to each other. So in one visit, visitors will get many objects to come. The beaches are always far from the main road, some have to go through the bush, the fields, rocky steep roads, hills and so on. It will get many experiences when deciding to visit this beach.

The route of Seruni Beach Gunungkidul from Yogyakarta requires at least two hours of travel. The trip to Gunungkidul is relatively good, the road is smooth and good. Traffic usually occurs only during the holiday season or weekend. Along the way people can enjoy the natural scenery. Don’t worry about getting lost even though there aren’t many signposts. Asking the local people is much easier. They will usually explain the route kindly.

Adequate Facilities Supported

At Sembung Beach, the facilities are not the same with the Seruni beach. It has been well-managed by residents, there are some facilities to provide visitors need such as location for the vehicle, food or beverage stalls, the toilet, and gazebo. The adequate facilities make visitors more comfortable to enjoy beach. The existence of this gazebo also makes it easier for visitors to just rest while enjoying the scenery. Visitors also bring own lunch to enjoy in the gazebo. It must be really fun to gather with family, having lunch after tired of playing on beach. But don’t forget to always put garbage in its place. How is it then? Ready to visit Seruni Beach on next vacation?

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