Awaiting Surprise When Coming to Sinden Beach Gunungkidul

The beaches in Gunungkidul always offer surprises. Not just enjoying the waves that clearly vibrate the heart or see the waves dancing but also seeing the blue sea merging with the blue sky. There are beaches with white sand, the surrounding rocks or the marine biota around. It coupled with various extreme experiences to be obtained. One of them while in Sinden Beach. Not only the name is unique but also the sights and interesting experiences can be found on this beach.

About Sinden Beach

Sinden Beach has been very crowded lately on social media with its epic views. Many people discuss Sinden Beach Jogja because on this beach there are beauties which will make people love the sea more. The blue of the sea, the waves that come and go break the silence when they meet the rock coupled with the breeze.

This beach is also popular among the anglers because they often get big fish while fishing on this beach. Even though going to the beach does require extra effort. Extras are challenging because they have to go up and down hills and through bushes. If you have previously visited Jungwok Beach, this beach location is actually not too far away. From the Jungwok parking lot, take the path through Greweng beach up to the east hill and arrive at this exotic beach.

Suspension Bridge and Kalong Island

Another thing that attracts attention on Sinden Beach Gunungkidul is the existence of Kalong Island. The reason for naming the island is because it was said that previously there were many bats or kalong. In addition to the bats there are also Gelatik so that it is also known as the Gelatik Island. Kalong or Gelatik Island is located about 40 meters from the beach. Well, to go to the island you have to use a cable car or crossing bridge that has recently been made by the beach manager. When on the island you can watch the beach from different angles.

That’s why this beach is so talked about. Not only the scenery is exotic but also because of the existence of the island that challenges anyone who crosses it. Using the Sinden Beach suspension bridge provides a thrilling experience. Especially when the waves are quite large and visitors hang on it. Trains or bridges will sway by the waves and the wind. The bridge steps are made of wood while the handle is made of rope. No need to worry because this bridge is also used by residents to cross looking for lobsters.

Affordable Ticket

To enter the beach area, you need to spend money of IDR 6000, – If interested in crossing the hanging bridge, pay for the ticket to Kalong or Gelatik Island. You need to pay for the entrance ticket to Kalong at IDR 25,000. Try it when visiting the beach with friends or family so the excitement and tension could be enjoyed together. Or just enjoying the view of the island from a distance is also fine.

Prepare Enough Supplies

As well as Sedahan Beach and row of quiet beaches in Gunungkidul that barely supported by a variety of adequate public facilities, both toilets and food stalls are already present on this beach but the numbers are very limited. So as to provide comfort during a vacation on this beach, it’s good to bring enough supplies. If necessary, carry a mat to enjoy the natural scenery of the beach comfortably is good option. Happiness during holidays can be created by enjoying the atmosphere. Moreover, the scenery and experience offered by Sinden Beach Gunungkidul will not disappoint.

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