Snorkling at Slili Beach

Playing on the beach gives happiness. There are many things that can be done. It starts from just walking around enjoying the natural scenery, listening to the sound of the waves and feeling the sea breeze. It can also be fishing, looking for sea urchins and even diving or snorkeling. Snorkeling is usually allowed on beaches with calm ocean waves. The southern beaches generally cannot be used for snorkeling. But people can do this underwater activity on one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province. Slili Beach is unique in its beauty.

About Slili Beach

The location of Slili Beach is between Krakal and Sadranan Beaches which is separated by two hills. So when visiting those two beaches there is nothing wrong to stop for a moment on this beach. Precisely, the Slili Beach entrance ticket is quite affordable. Especially for those who want peace, quiet and not too wide vacation spot. This beach is indeed smaller than other beaches. It has a coastline of about 100 meters. It can be a very appropriate location. This beach is dominated by coral rock with clean sand and the waves are not too big since they are blocked by rocks. There are also people who call it Watu Lawang Beach. This is because the existence of a small island with a hallway is very similar to a door. Watu lawang itself means a stone door.

Favorite Spot for Snorkeling

It’s known as the Slili Beach snorkeling because it is preferred for snorkeling. This beach has calm waves because it is blocked by rocks so it is perfect for doing this underwater sport. Some interesting spots can be found. For this one sport is also available guides who are ready to help visitors. If people don’t have equipment for snorkeling, don’t worry because they rent it out, the price is quite competitive. Moreover, the location is close to Sadranan beach which is also often used for snorkeling.

Traditional Ceremonies

Although known as a quiet beach compared to Indrayanti Beach and other popular beaches in Gunungkidul, there are certain times, this beach is crowded with visitors. Especially when ahead of the planting season on Pahing Sunday. This ceremony is called Nyadran or Sadranan which is done once a year. Not only crowded with local residents, but also other villagers even from other regions. This ceremony is an effort or prayers hoping that villagers are always given safety and abundant harvests by God. So don’t be surprised when there are many inns on the Slili Beach that are full before this traditional ceremony.

Besides enjoying the natural scenery and traditional ceremonies, you can also watch the activities of the residents. Their main livelihood is farming. But when the dry season arrives it will usually switch to earning income from the sea. The usual things are catch shellfish, shrimp, and seaweed since this beach area is overgrown with lots of seaweed. Those sea catch is not always sold but used for daily consumption. It also can be seen on the Sepanjang Beach and Pok Tunggal Beach. The sea has become a friend of the surrounding community.

Adequate Facilities Supported

This beach is also supported with adequate facilities. Visitors will able to rent snorkeling equipment and rent the room in lodging with various rate offered. Around the beach there is gazebos that can be used to rest. The bathroom is available. Likewise with food stalls, toilet and parking. Another advantage when visiting this beach is watching the scenery from a height especially the border of Krakal and Slili Coast. So, don’t hesitate to visit Slili Beach.

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