Cleanliness and Beauty of Somandeng Beach

One reason why the beach is always interesting is the atmosphere and beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. In the midst of existing modernization, it is very easy to find places with the help of various technologies offered. Artificial tourist attractions with various advanced technologies in them. But nothing can defeat the beauty of nature. The sound of the waves feels soothing; the fresh air of the beach is relaxing. The blue of the sea blends with the foam and the blue sky and the white clouds freshen up the eye. Who will refuse if invited to vacation on the beach?

About Somandeng Beach

Somandeng Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul with the natural beauty offered. Beach is rich with coral, seaweed, and marine animals such as shellfish, crabs and sea urchins. Even Somandeng Beach entrance tickets can be obtained at affordable prices. All fatigue that is felt will be replaced by feelings of relief and happiness. This beach is located between Sundak Beach on the east and Indrayanti Beach on the west. When on one of the beaches then want to visit Somandeng, there is no worry in asking which direction to go to the local people who will be happy to help.

The Role of Local Residents

Formerly this beach used to be very dirty and untreated. Then the village youth tried to maintain the preservation of the beach by working together to clean and tidy it up. It is done by the supervision of the local government. They fix surrounding with put trash bins, gazebos, food stalls, and parking lots for visitors. This effort was a success. Visitors come over while the cleanliness and sustainability of the beach is maintained. The high interest of visitors was accompanied by the easier finding of Somandeng Beach lodgings closest to the beach.

The cleanliness and beauty of the beach is also supported by the easy finding of Somandeng Beach routes. Although there are not too many road guides to be found, the local people visitors sure will always give a friendly response. Unfortunately, finding the route that when using public transport is a bit difficult. Therefore,it’s recommended for using a private vehicle or rent. If you depart from Yogyakarta city, get to Gunungkidul Regency. Then, you can simply ask the locals.

Excitement with Marine Biota

Some fun things to do on the Ndawud Beach of course include playing water and enjoying the scenery. Likewise when on the Kajar Beach or other beaches. The beach seems to attract attention just to set foot on sand or coral. Then playing foam or running away to avoid it but shouting loudly when hit by the waves. While in Somandeng, there is happiness with existing marine biota. It started from coral reefs overgrown with seaweed. Not to mention mussels, crabs, sea urchins and small fish on the sidelines of the dancing rock. It’s nice to see a variety of colorful fish chasing.

Various Tourism Potentials

As with Watu Wene Beach and other beaches in Gunungkidul, there are various tourism potentials that can be utilized more optimally. In addition to natural landscapes, the beach is also known for being a target area for coastal sustainability maintenance. It can be seen from the existence of  shrimp pine trees, that not only does it give a sense of shade while on the beach but it also protects the beach sand from abrasion.

This beach can simultaneously provide education about the environment to the visitors. Do not forget also with this beach seafood culinary. Many stalls with various types of seafood menus. So, are you already interested to take the time to visit this Gunungkidul Somandeng Beach?

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