The Beauty of Sundak Beach

Sea offers every existed beauty. Each spot of the beach has own stories. Every visitor has a different experience. The beach always provides space for fun. Especially when holidays arrive, popular beaches are always crowded with visitors. Moreover, the beach is located in various regions so anyone can see it, but when they visit the beach in different places, the difference views always attract them. The place which is known for its beautiful beaches is Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta.

Get to know Sundak Beach

Sundak Beach can be said to be one of the favorite beaches in Gunungkidul. This beach offers beautiful natural scenery. A pleasant atmosphere is always offered to visitors who always come and go. Both in the morning, afternoon, evening and staying or camping on this beach. Visitors can swim, play water or sit comfortably on the beach while looking at the sights offered. Visitors may carry a mat to sit or just lie on the beach. Many alternative activities can be done to explore this beach. So if interested in looking for lodging at Sundak Beach, they will not regret choosing a vacation here. Beach holidays are always able to provide a memorable experience and lead to more natural beauty.

Spot to Enjoy the Sunrise

Actually when people are in a beautiful place including the beach, the most important thing is how to enjoy the atmosphere and find interesting things while in that location. One of the things that should not be missed while in Sundak is the view of the rising sun. Its beauty is very popular among tourist so it also known as Sundak Beach Sunrise.

Sundak Name Story

The name of a place is sometimes make curiosity. For example, the name of Pok Tunggal Beach, of course makes people curious of the mean behind the name. Including the origin of the beach named Sundak. Initially the place was named Wedibelah which means split sand. This is because during the rainy season the water in the mainland flowed into the sea so the east coast split to form like a river. The flowing water seems to split the sand. During the dry season, the hemisphere disappears along with sea water which gradually brings sand.

A few years later an incident happened when a starving dog entered a cave met a hedgehog and wanted to eat it. But apparently the hedgehog did not give up and fight. Even though in the end the dog wins and succeeds in eating it. At that time the village was short of water. Thanks to the dog that came out of the cave in a soaking wet, it encouraged residents to wonder that there was a water source inside the cave.

What the residents predicted was not wrong because there was indeed a water source inside. Then a pipe was installed and made the water for the needs of the residents. Since then the name of the place has become Sundak originating from the words asu (dog) and hedge dog. visitors will not regret spending money on the Sundak beach entrance ticket with all the beauty of the scenery and the story behind it.

Enchanting Nature Ambience

The story behind the Sundak name is certainly different from the Trenggole Beach and Watulawang Cave Beach or other beaches. But the historical story of location name is always interesting to talk about. Especially when doing bonfires or camping on the beach while enjoying the evening atmosphere. This can be done while on this beach. Enjoy the night view by enjoying sea food barbecue. So, the vacation moment will be so perfect at Sundak Beach Gunungkidul.

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