Take A Look at The Beauty of Serah Beach

Every beach should be managed properly to provide comfort for visitors. Some are managed by the government, the surrounding community or the private are possible. They would have a certain policy. If managed by local communities, there is a value of local wisdom adopted. Some culture of the local community even used as such an attraction that was able to attract visitors. For example, traditional ceremonies, prohibited certain activity, and so on. Visitors certainly have to respect the host.

Get to Know Serah Beach

Serah Beach is located in Gunungkidul Regency. Not many people know even know their names because it is less popular than other beaches. The location is hidden, not many people know it. But, the beauty cannot be underestimated. Like other beaches there is much wonderful potential that encourages people’s curiosity to visit them. The sand expanses meeting the shells and wave, the waves come and go with a reassuring sound. Coupled with the blue sea view to meet the blue sky and the white clouds provide a different view than when in urban areas dominated by the density of vehicles. Visiting the Serah Beach Gunungkidul is a solution to respond to stress and fatigue due to the density.

Curiosity Bites

There are so many new beaches at Gunungkidul that have been heard lately. But not all beaches can be explored even though the location of each other is not too far away. This is the advantage of the beaches in Gunungkidul. For example Krakal Beach. This beach is only about two kilometers east of Drini Beach. If from Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach is about six kilometers away. Even if entering the Krakal Beach complex, you can visit several beaches at the same time just by foot.

Sorted from the east are Sadranan Beach, Slili Beach, Krakal Beach and Sarangan Beach. These are just a few beaches that can be said to be popular.

This is why visiting Krisik Beach and Serah beach can be used to answer that curiosity. Many beaches are located in a row even walking distance. In a day visit, visitors can explore many beaches as many as they could obtained. Moreover the ticket is very affordable and all in one type. By only paying one ticket, the pass can be used to enter many beaches which are located nearby.

Things to Do

While at Sembung Beach and Serah Beach and other new beaches there are many things that can be done. The beauty of the beach can really be enjoyed. Don’t even need to feel disturbed. Vacation actually will be more quality. People can swim and play water as much as they like, but it is important to pay attention to the conditions of the waves, wind and so on. Beaches that are still quiet are usually not supported by a rescue team so they have to be careful. Just sit back and relax while enjoying the sea view or reading in the middle of a refreshing sea atmosphere. Can also look for various shells, splinters of unique rocks for aquarium decoration or for making souvenirs.

Route to Serah Beach

The trip to the Ngetun Beach and Serah is certainly not as easy as finding other popular beaches. To find new beaches, it is usually difficult to find where the address and location of the location on the internet because of limited information. Another solution is to find the new beaches by asking the backpacker or fishing community. They have extensive networks and are not reluctant to look for new places that are hidden locations though. Ask local people to find the location or address of Serah Beach Gunungkidul.

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