The Beauty of Tanjung Menyer Beach

The scenery on the beach is mostly the blue of the sea looks beautiful collaborating with the foam waves glowing and breaking hitting rocks. These three beauties of waves, rocks, and sand are also cannot be ignored. The beach always has an attraction to makes visitors come again and again. Although there are many beaches but none of a single beach is quiet, especially during weekends and holiday season. The beaches are quiet because visitors are usually not widely known. One of them is Tanjung Menyer Beach.

About Tanjung Menyer Beach 

Tanjung Menyer Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. It is undeniable that at this time the quiet beach of Gunung Kidul is in great demand. This beach is no exception. The beach is actually not too wide but able to steal the attention of the surrounding landscape.

The atmosphere is also quiet so it is comfortable for visitors who seek peace while on vacation. It is common sense that the more popular tourist attractions, the more crowded the visitors. This is one of the reasons why the new beach Gunung Kidul is increasingly favorable. There are some visitors who are getting bored with the crowded beaches that have been popular before such as Drini Beach, Pok Tunggal, Pulang Syawal, Sadranan, and so on.

Beach Tourism

Why is beach tourism so popular? Because not only excitement is obtained but also physical activities such as swimming or playing football but can also be obtained. That is why Wonosari beach tourism still has appeal compared to other natural attractions. Especially in Gunungkidul Regency blessed with a row of special beaches with white sand and coral rocks. Every beach has its own charm. Some are preferred because they are comfortable for camping, some are preferred because of fishing spots.

While on the Sadeng Beach the visitors often want to know how the Bengawan Solo River flows into the beach. Not many people know that. Every beach always has a story. Stories sometimes only are obtained by word of mouth. This is actually interesting and can be used to interact with local people. Likewise in finding out about Tanjung Menyer Beach, about the name history, how the beach is found and so on. Interacting with local people is interesting when visiting these unpopular beaches. Usually the beach has not been managed by the tourism industry so that it is still friendly with the surrounding residents.

Route to the Beach

When the first Wedi Omo beach was discovered, of course there were not too many people who knew the route. This also applies to other beaches including Tanjung Menyer. So don’t hesitate to find out the existence of new beaches by taking advantage of the google map.  First, just enter the sub-district or village area and ask the local people. As a note to remember, new beaches are usually located far from the main road or only be reached on foot. But, there will be a pleasant experience when passing through fields and bushes to the beach.

Prepare Supplies and Supporting Equipment

When getting to Nampu Beach, of course you need supplies for food and drinks during the trip. It alos happens when traveling to Tanjung Menyer. Not many food stalls are found likewise with the bathroom and musholla. Parking space in the fields is common. Want to do camping? You should bring the necessary equipment such as tents, mats, hammocks and so on. Don’t leave trash or throw garbage around the beach. This can disturb the existing ecosystem. Do not hesitate to enjoy a holiday at Tanjung Menyer Beach Gunungkidul.

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