The Enjoyable Vacation at Quiet Nungguran Beach

The beauty of beaches in Gunungkidul is endless. It is good to spend the holidays with the warmth morning sunshine on quiet beaches. The blue sky and turquoise clear sea water are always able to give a deep impression to anyone who visits it. Even to reach the beach requires an extra effort trip sometimes by walking through the bush. Yes, because it is outside of the city and far from the main road so you must go through a bit of journey. Some are in the forest. This is the thrill of enjoying beaches that are not yet widely known.

Location of Nungguran Beach

Nungguran Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul which more people want to visit. It is widely known that the crowded beach makes its atmosphere less comfortable to enjoy. Many people want to swim, playing sand, some are busy with photos and so on. It is not surprising that more and more people are more interested in finding beaches that are still quiet and almost having no visitors. Beaches that may only be known among people who have a hobby of fishing on the beach. Beaches beautified with white sand and cliff beaches. A proper place for having short escape from the hectic city.

Activities to Do

Although the quiet beach in Jogja is a lot, it has not been managed properly by government or even the local government. So finding the exact location also needs a little more effort than finding location of beaches that have been visited by many tourists. Asking local people is one way. Especially when coming to its beach in group to hold for camping, official agenda and so on. Why? Because the beach has not been managed professionally, it is appropriate to ask permission. Also need to find out about the customs or beliefs that apply. This is to anticipate unpredictable things.

Myths in quiet sacred place including on Sanglen beach and other locations still exist. Villagers usually use the beach to meet their daily needs by utilizing available goods. For example, fishing or catching fish in the sea. Some of these fish are sold and some are for daily consumption. Beaches are not a place to look for holidays, as urban communities do, who come to beach as to escape from their hectic. Be respect to local culture. Don’t forget to bring back any garbage produced.

Beach Offers Amazing Views

So far, the government has been intensely promoting Indonesian tourism to attract domestic and foreign tourists. Not surprisingly, during visiting the beaches in Gunung Kidul such as the Kapen Beach and Nungguran beaches that are widely known for the amazing view. Splash of thrilling waves, soft white sand, sturdy coral cliffs, or small fish swimming between corals with clear water. Not to mention the scenery around it is greenery with various plants that may exist such as Coconuts and grasses. Don’t forget to also catch the sunset view on the beach which always shows magical scenery.

Travel to the beach

Access to the untouched beaches in Gunung Kidul is not easy. Visitors may invite friends or rent a vehicle then mentioning the desired tourist destination. For example, visiting Watu Kodok beach or other quiet beaches. Usually recommendations for several locations in the same direction will be given where each place has its own uniqueness. Because of its location that is far from main roads, make sure the vehicles that are rented are ready to go on various road conditions. Including various supporting preparations such as footwear and food and drinks. These preparations are important so the traveling to Nugguran Beach can be enjoyed comfortably.

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