The Excellencies of Ngeden Beach

A beach is always able to offer a place for relaxation. Able to increase endorphin hormone for relaxation. Visitors can walk barefoot along the beach. The soles of the feet meet with the softness of the sand or the roughness of coral fragments. Similarly, when touching sea water. Breathe in fresh morning air on the beach. Even listening to the waves gives more relaxation effect. Refresh the mind and give a feeling of comfort. So there is no need to postpone for a beach holiday.

Get to know Ngeden Beach

One of the beaches that can be visited is Ngeden Beach. This beach is located in the Bedalo Village, Gunung Kidul Regency. This white sandy beach has indeed attracted the attention of many people. Although it is not crowded as the beaches in Gunungkidul such as Kukup, Drini, Indrayanti, but this is the attraction. People are curious to see the natural beauty of the scenery. Enjoying time on the beach is actually produced a quality vacation. Some people want to visit a lot of places at the same time. Though the essence of vacation wants to have fun and relax. Wouldn’t it be better to visit and enjoy the atmosphere in a relaxed place with no time limitation?

Ngedan Beach is perfect for a vacation. Because it is still lack of visitors so they can really enjoy the natural scenery. Enjoying the white sands attached to the feet, feeling the sea water touching the skin when the waves come, feel hair flying due to the sea breeze. Not to mention hearing the waves like the music that accompany the steps while on the beach. Taking photos can be so much fun from various angles without worrying about disturbing other visitors or disturbing visitors who suddenly walk past. At evening visitors are able to enjoy the sunset Ngeden beach from the hilltop. The peak is about 400 meters from the beach.

Camping on the beach

Still quiet with visitors, beautiful scenery, and a supportive location make some people do not hesitate to camp on the Ngeden Beach. Just imagine, staying overnight or camping on the beach at night visitors enjoy the stars scattered in the sky. Accompanied by the sound of waves and sea air at night. In the morning visitors may enjoy fresh air while jogging on the beach.

Anglers’ Favorite Places

When this article was written, the Ngenden beach entrance ticket was indeed not yet applied. Visitors only need to pay for parking the vehicle. It could be because there has not been too many visitors. Usually dominated by teenagers and people who have a hobby of fishing. Anglers usually come in the afternoon and will return in the morning. A favorite fishing spot is usually on the hills on this beach. In addition, in Ngeden there is a coral reef area. Where in it is locations of Kerapu fish and lobsters. So, it is not surprising that besides Timang beach and other beaches, Ngeden is the favorite beach visited by tourists with the advantages offered.

Challenging Routes

As a trip to Gunungkidul in general there are challenges when heading to the Mbeling Beach, Ngetun beach or any other beaches that often give a surprise. Winding roads, sharp and downward bends, steep roads sometime make the journey to the destination more challenging. However, the quiet beaches of Gunungkidul are far from the main road. Some have to go through rocky roads, through bushes, rice fields and so on. This is precisely the challenge.Regardless of the hard journey, everything will be paid off with a chance to be in a place for relaxation. All the heavy trip to Ngeden Beach will be worthy thanks to the amazing natural scenery.

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