The Exotic Parangtritis Beach Seen From Paralayang Hill and Parang Endog Hill

Being on Parangtritis beach might be normal. But what if enjoying the beach view from a height? Seeing the blue mix of sea water with blue sky plus the white waves that paint sand beaches seem interesting from a distance. It is suitable for those who like to relax and enjoy the atmosphere. But for those who prefer to play water can be less fun here. But they can get interesting photo angles. How? Interested in visiting it?

Go to Paralayang Hill or Parang Endog Hill

The Paralayang Hill, Parang Endog initially was not familiar to most people ears. They don’t even know the name of the place. But later the name Paralayang Parang Endog or Bukit Gupit is more widely known. The location is at an altitude of about 900m to the east of Parangtritis. Enter part of the Giricahyo Village area, Gunungkidul. From the entrance to Parangtritis, it doesn’t need to turn to Parangtritis Beach, just keep going up and turn right into the small road. The road is uneven and getting uphill longer. The visitors will end to the large yard for parking. There is no entrance ticket to Parang Endog, but have to pay for parking in the shop.

Enjoy the View of Parangtritis at the Height

Maybe visitors ever heard about the Parang Endog Beach Bantulor maybe the Parang Endog Waterfall but the popular one is this hill. The hill is actually used for paragliding. Even in 2014 it was used as a place for the national event of the Jogja Air Show. To go to the hill visitors will pass a fairly high staircase but not as high as the stairs to Suroloyo Peak.

If visitors are already on the top, the view of Parangtritis Beach can be enjoyed. Likewise, the villages around the coast. They could see moving activity points. Can be a vehicle or community member who is active. While there, it is very common to meet farmers who are looking for grass for their livestock because around the hill there is a lot of green grass. This place is the best place to enjoy the atmosphere. The wind is so intense. It is best to visit the place in the morning or evening. Because if during the day, it is very hot and for taking photos the results are less than optimal. It is different when visiting Parangtritis Beach or the Kesirat beach can be at any time despite of the heat. But on this hill, the heat during the day is so uncomfortable.

Afternoon or Morning

So there are two choices activities on this hill. When it’s early in the morning visitors will get a view of the beach from the dark to the bright morning. Or the afternoon the view is the sunset in Parangtritis from a height. This hill is not too wide. It is very dense to wait until the person is move then when at the top don’t get too long above. Take enough photos and take turns. This certainly will not happen to the location which is rarely visited by visitors such as on the Ngreslangu Beach.

Bring Own Supplies

For the record when visitingtourists spot that has not many visitors, for example Wohkudu Beach should always bring lunch supplies. Because there are not many food stalls selling food. On this hill there are many stalls but of course it can be enjoyed after or before going up the hill. If visitors want to just sit around snacking and enjoy coffee on the Paralayang Hill, Parang Endog Hill of course they have to bring it by themselves.

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