The Challenging Gondola Ride at Timang Beach Gunungkidul

The beauty of a beach can be seen through the color of the sea contrasts with the natural scenery around it including the sky, sand, and the trees around it. It supported by the natural sounds of wind, waves, and sound of birds. Holidays are success if able to loose burden for a moment. Moreover, it creates new spirit and enthusiasm to do further activities. Usually this feeling will be obtained when deciding to spend a holiday on the beach. At beach they will have new experiences like the thrill of challenging games.

Get to Know Timang Beach

Timang Beach is one of the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach has clean white sand beaches. Then around the beach there are overgrown pandanus plants. The existence of pandanus plants adds to the beautiful scenery. The presence of pandanus helps to keep the wind too tight so that visitors can take shelter behind it. This pandan also helps maintain soil moisture around the coast. Not all beaches have pandanus plants. Even some trims the plants even though it is very good to maintain the balance of ecosystems around it. The number of pandanus plants on Manukan beach is different from the one on this beach.

Timang Island and the Gondola Ride

When visiting this tourist spot, two choices of places can be visited. The first part is on the east is the beach with white sand. Whereas in the second part which is on the west side, hills with steep rocks and are directly adjacent to the open sea. Well, on the rocky hill there is a large rock known as Batu Panjang or Pulau Panjang and Pulau Timang. Timang Island is quite large and steep. But on top, enjoying the view from a height is a must. To reach this island it is necessary to use traditional gantole or gondola. This experience will certainly not be obtained while at the Nglegundi beach and other beaches.

To ride this traditional gondola made of wood and bamboo it needs to spend some money. The price of Timang Beach Gondola ride is IDR 150.000,00 it may changes at any time. The distance of the gondola slide is around 50 to 100 meters. It does require courage, especially for those who are afraid of heights. But it is able to give priceless experience and boost adrenaline. At least people will be at an altitude of 9 to 11 meters above the sea. The view seen plus the existing sensation is definitely not forgotten.

Affordable Entry Rate

After knowing the fare of riding a gondola it might think that the Timang Beach fare is quite expensive. Expensive rates are only charged ride the gondola or cross the Timang Beach bridge to the viewing post, while entrance ticket to beach only costs at IDR 5.000,00. The tariff charged for this hanging bridge is Rp. 100,000. Of course visitors can choose whether to ride or not, but if curious about how the experience includes sensations, especially fans of adventure, don’t miss it.

Lobster as a Livelihood

While on the Pesewan Beach visitors will not experience the gondola or hanging bridges because it only exists on the island of Timang. Also note that these bridges and gondola are used by fishermen or local residents to transport marine products, especially lobster. This lobster has a high selling value so that the community is willing to go through the heavy terrain for their daily survival. It is not only about challenging experience, enjoy the natural scenery, but also witness the lives of the surrounding community. So, come to Timang Beach Gunungkidul as the next tourist destination.

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