Let’s Go to Torohudan Beach

The fame of a beach usually makes it crowded with visitors. But there are some tourists who are actually looking for quiet beaches. Gunungkidul is one of the areas that have many beaches. If you feel like going to popular beaches managed by the tourism industry the infrastructure, it is very easy to find it. There are also many beaches which not many people know yet. One of them is Torohudan Beach.

Location of Torohudan Beach

To visit Torohudan Beach is actually not too difficult because it is close to Ngrenehan Beach to the east of the beach precisely. It could be reached by travel from Yogyakarta to Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency. Don’t worry, finding the route to Torohudan beach is not too difficult. Visitors may use the map application on smartphone or just ask the locals to get easier direction. Vehicle parking is located in Ngrenehan beach parking area. Actually the road to Kanigoro Village, Saptosari District is relatively smooth until the parking area. After that visitors must continue to Torohudan with the more challenging track. People must use the proper footwear for trekking.

Go to Torohudan

Why need to pay attention to the footwear used? The reason is the access to Torohudan Beach can only be passed on foot. The path is in form of the stairs behind a resident’s house located on the hill to the east of Ngrenehan Beach. The conditions are full of dirt paths, rocks and bushes. It takes a while to finally reach the top of the hill. After reach the top of the hill, the beautiful view of Ngrenehan Beach from a height welcomes everyone. Take a break before continuing the journey through the fields. The directions are almost non-existent, so don’t hesitate to ask the locals on the trip.

At Torohudan Beach

After passing the path, up and down the hill finally you will arrive at the Torohudan Beach Gunungkidul gate in the form of a pandanus of sea trees. Enter the gap between the green pandanus. The existence of dense sea pandanus makes the coastal area seem hidden and rarely known. But it is precisely attractive and gives a unique impression. This beach does seem to be narrower than Ngrawah beach or other beaches with narrow coastline and a width of about 50 meters.

There are two high cliffs flank the beach. This beach is stretching toward the sea and forming a peninsula. Local residents call it the Torohudan Peninsula or Tanjung. The beach is quite slope with white sand. Although the grains of sand look bigger but the sand feels soft on the skin. Visitors can watch coral reefs on the seabed, especially when the waves are receding. The color is golden yellow and looks so beautiful. This scene cannot be seen in other beaches including inWidodaren beach. This beach looks more charming with its cleanliness. So, please keep its beach clean. Visitors should bring back their garbage when leaving this beach.

Camping Favorite Places

The atmosphere of Peyuyon Beachis quite so it is always preferable to visit. Likewise with Torohudan which location is quite hidden, this beach becomes a favorite place for camping. Nature lovers or adventurous people like to explore this beach and enjoy night atmosphere. After all, the area of ​​the beach that is not too wide will certainly be much easier to explore. Many other activities can be done here including finding out what ecosystems and habitats are on the beach. A calm atmosphere and an amazing view are just one of many unique reasons to visit this Torohudan Beach Gunungkidul.

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