Cube Shape Stone: A Uniqueness at Trenggole Beach

As one of the regencies in Yogyakarta with its beautiful beaches, Gunungkidul is always crowded with tourists. Not only the popular beaches are invaded by visitors but also non touristy beaches which is quiet. This is because each beach has its own attractiveness. So new beach which later appears always invites curiosity. Especially at this time, the holiday seed to have become the main need of modern society to escape from daily business. The beach is one of the favorite destinations.

Get to Know Trenggole Beach

Trenggole Beach is one of south coast Gunungkidul beaches which is later favored. The location is not far from Pulang Syawal Beach or Indrayanti. It is precisely in east of Indrayanti and bordered by small cliffs. The coastline Trenggolek Beach is about one third of the Indrayanti coastline but the natural scenery offered is not much different. It has attractive white sand and sloper than Pulang Syawal. At the edge of the beach, there are typical beach plants such as pine cones and sea pandanus. it faces the ocean directly and has big waves. So when visiting the beach visitors should always raise awareness.

Cube Stone in Trenggole

Watu Wene beach fascination is certainly different from Trenggole. On this beach, a row of cube stones exists which cannot be found on other beaches. There are at least 20 black cube-shaped stones lining the beach. It is said that the rock was indeed a coastal area and was deliberately placed on the beach area. Some say the cube stone is useful for resisting waves of sea water and sea abrasion. Besides that, it also protects the pipeline of sea water. There is a sea water installation building. Fences were built around the building. No wonder, people thought that this coastal area was closed before.

The installation building in Trenggole is the Sundak Beach Seawater Cultivation Unit of Gunungkidul Regency with an area of ​​23,009 m². The installation is used to treat sea water before it is channeled into ponds for milkfish cultivation. Milkfish Seed Production is indeed the focus of the work unit of Sea Water Cultivation Technology. The water flow is sometimes used also for shrimp and lobster enlargement ponds. If have the opportunity to enter the installation building, there are several circle pools with depths of up to five meters. The ponds are used to hold water. This experience will certainly not be found at Seruni Beach or Watulawang Beach.

Lack of Support Facilities

Compared to Kajar beach, Trenggole is not be supported facilities like on other beaches although it was opened to the public as a tourist attraction since 2012. This is due to the presence of the sea water culture unit and guardian in the building. The beach is also barely managed properly. So, that makes people unaware of the existence of this beach. This beach actually could be a potential tourist object, besides enjoying the uniqueness of cube stone, beautiful scenery, visitor can also enlarge knowledge on sea water cultivation.

Route to Trenggole

Every time visiting the beaches in Gunungkidul such as Somandeng Beach and Trenggole beaches, first thing to do is find the location. Luckily the locations of these beaches are close together so that it makes easier for tourists. From Yogyakarta get to Gunungkidul, it takes at least 2 hours. The locations of these beaches are usually far from the main road. So prepare it to do short hiking or trekking through the people’s fields just to get to the location. But all pain will be paid while on the beach including when in Trenggole Beach Gunungkidul.

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