The Uniqueness of Watu Bolong Beach

Why are holidays always awaited? It could be the boredom has come. Likewise with a body that is quite tired. Holiday, pausing from daily activities can be a good solution. When holidays arrive, try to visit tourist attractions to do fun activities. The beach is one of the favorite places to visit. Moreover, the location is widespread in various regions in Indonesia. One of them is in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region with its beautiful beaches. Have you visited one?

Get to know Watu Bolong Beach

One of the beaches in Gunungkidul that can be visited is Watu Bolong Beach. As its unique name, this beach has a characteristic that distinguishes it from other beaches, namely the existence of holes in the coastal reef. That is why it is called Watu Bolong or hollow stone. This beach does not have too much sand but there are many rocks. The location of Watu Bolong Beach next to Watu Lumbung Beach, can even be said to be located in one area and is only limited by the rock on the beach. In addition, the beach that faces directly into the deep sea on the west is bordered by Purba Batur Volcano peninsula.

Meanwhile, when you are in the east of the beach, you will see the view of the hollow rock that is a symbol of this small beach, which looks indented to the sea. This scene shows its own uniqueness and becomes its charm. On the east side of the beach is a little sloping which is safe to visit. While on the right side of Watu Bolong Beach Jogja is much steeper. A window gap or hole in the reef allows people to see the view of the coastal peninsula in the west. Some people named it Manukan Peninsula or Manukan Beach which is still part of the Ancient Volcano.

Beautiful Wave Splash

If curious with the beauty of Watu Bolong Beach, then you must visit it and will not regret it. Fresh beach air plus the sound of waves will provide a sensation for relaxation. In addition, the hard waves that hit the rock provide their own beauty, including when passing a hole in the rock. For fans of splashing photography, the waves will certainly make an interesting photo angle in one with the natural scenery around. The existence of this beach certainly further complements the rows of beautiful beaches in Gunungkidul with their uniqueness.

Preferred as a Pre-Wedding Place

The beach has always been one of the interesting places to be a prewedding location. So do not be surprised when on the Krakal beach and other beaches, there is a photographer with his team busy capturing a couple on the beach. But unfortunately the beaches that are already popular are usually crowded with visitors so that they will choose quiet beaches with unique views. These quiet beaches will make the results of photography more maximal because almost no interference from other visitors. Included in this Watu Bolong.

Gives New Experience

The more beaches visited, the newer experiences will be. Visitors will easily distinguish or explain what is unique about the Slili Beach that is not owned by another beach. In addition, when asked how much the price of the entrance ticket to Watu Bolong beach or nearby beaches, they can inform. Most of entrance ticket prices in the beaches in Gunungkidul are all in one. This means that one ticket can be for several beaches at once. This will certainly be very beneficial because you will get more experiences. So, ready to see the uniqueness of Watu Bolong Beach in Gunungkidul?

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