Interesting Activities To Do at Watu Bonang Beach

There are many things to do at beach. Of course it depends on the unique characteristic of the beach. Each beach has its own character like beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province. At least it takes a trip of two to three hours from Yogyakarta city center. The beaches in Gunungkidul have different characters. There are beaches dominated by sand on the beach. There are also beaches with actually no sand and are dominated by coral reefs. What about Watu Bonang Beach?

Location of Watu Bonang Beach

Watu Bonang Beach is one of the rows of endless beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. For fans of beach tourism, Gunungkidul Regency may be a favorite destination because of the many beaches that can be visited. The sensation of seeing the waves crashing on the rock, the sensation of seeing rocks appear drowned in sea water during high tides, or the sensation of seeing rocks rising at some beach points. Not to mention seeing birds flying here and there by the beach. Then there are also shells, small fishes swim around the reef and so on. Green hills around the beach also add more beauty to the epic scenery. The feeling of excitement will also present when also visiting the Ngusalan Beach which has less sand but more rocks and the size of the beach is not too wide.

Alternative Fishing Places

When visiting Watu Bonang Beach, don’t forget to bring fishing equipment. So when you are on the beach you can find fish at the same time. While fishing you must also be patient and wait for the fish to reach the bait. Fishing with enjoy natural scenery and the breeze. In addition, there are usually other biotas available. For example shells, seaweed and sea urchins. Sometimes you can meet residents who are looking for fish or sea urchins. The location of the beach with coral reef becomes a favorite place for fish to hide. Sea fishing also provides a challenge to find out where fish spots gather.

Facilities on the Beach

As a new beach, of course the facilities are not yet fully completed just like when visiting Sadeng beach. This beach has not been equipped with adequate facilities such as bathrooms and food stalls especially lodging. Lodging in Gunungkidul Regency is usually found in crowded places. For beaches that are still quiet with visitors, the possibility to find lodging is rare and sometimes none.

The absence of lodging is indeed one of the things make visitors difficult when they want to stay overnight. One solution is taken by camping around the beach. Choose a location that is possible to install a tent such as behind a sea pandanus tree, so that at night it can be protected from too strong winds. Or at other locations that are considered safe and comfortable to use. Camping allows you to enjoy views on the beach at night. Enjoy sprinkles of stars at night. Besides that, in the morning you can enjoy the morning air at sea.

Best Time to Visit the Beach

When’s the best time to visit the beach? Of course it can be done during a vacation or at any available chance. To get a perfect view, the beach with the blue sky without being covered in cloudy, come in the rainy season is not the best choice especially for camping. Most of all, raise awareness to the situation. When the waves are too heavy, of course visitors have to enjoy the view of the beach from a distance. Local people usually know the signs of nature. So don’t ignore if you get warnings from local people, it is for safety. Ready to visit Watu Bonang Beach Gunungkidul?

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