The Charming Watu Kebo Beach Gunungkidul

What to do when vacation is coming? Have you planned to do some kinds of activities? for example visiting tourist attractions. When it’s summer, the best thing is of course playing water. Although it will make the skin tanned, but usually it will not make people regret to do it many times. The beach can be a fun place. At there, you can play water and enjoy the natural scenery at the same time. One of the beaches to visit is Watu Kebo Beach, Gunungkidul.

Location of Watu Kebo Beach

To visit Watu Kebo beach you must go to Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. To enjoy the atmosphere of quiet beaches in Gunung Kidul, this beach can be an option. Have a view that is able to amaze. Not inferior to the previous popular Gunungkidul beach rows making people won’t regret being on this beach. The atmosphere offered can also make you feel comfortable. It is very appropriate to be used as a place to find inspiration or just escape from fatigue. The waves running around provide an interesting sight.

Exploring Along the Coast

When on the Jungwok Beach you can do several activities at the same time at the beach. It starts from just playing on the beach, camping, trekking, fishing or relaxing on a hammock. The experience would be different at Watu Kebo. The experience to get is like enjoying natural scenery in a different place with coastal panorama that attracts attention. You can explore along the coast. Both sand and coral welcome each step. Every curve of the beach, every corner can give a different sensation. The beach also varied with algae and moss sticking. Not to mention the various marine biota that are part of the ecosystem.

Camping and Fishing Spot

Rows of new beaches Gunungkidul are often used as a place for camping and fishing. This is because the beaches are located quite hidden. Far from the main road even tends to be remote. Besides that, the atmosphere is quite quiet because the visitors are not too many likewise with Watu Kebo. There are certain spots that become a favorite fishing spot. There are group of people who are fishing while visiting the beach. They bring fishing and camping equipment at the same time.

Although it can be used for camping, be sure to bring all the necessary needs. Like on Tanjung Menyer beach, not all beaches are equipped with supporting facilities. So you must bring camping and fishing equipment. To be able to enjoy the beach sand, the dancing waves, the refreshing beach air at night needs to be supported by sufficient food supplies. The presence of friends while camping warms the atmosphere. Enjoy the night with stars and moonlight. Do not forget to clean any residual waste that is produced so as not to contaminate the beach and its surroundings including disturbing the sustainability of the organisms on the beach.

Go to Watu Kebo Beach

Then how to get to Watu Kebo? Just like when going to Wono Beach, travel to Gunungkidul Regency first. Starts from Yogyakarta, it will take at least two to three hours of travel. After arrive at Wonosari City continue to at least 1 hour 15 minutes to get to this beach. You may use the private vehicle or rent it. Public transportation is not recommended since it has limitation to route, while quiet beach is located in remote area. To reach the location which is sometimes far from the main road, you need to walk first after parking the vehicle. But the beauty of Watu Kebo Beach is worth the visit.

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