Watu Kodok Beach: A Unique Name with Its Unique Scenery

Tourist attractions with unique names usually immediately attract attention. People will feel curious about the place’s name. So, find out the reason or story behind the name. Unique names are not only in modern theme park like Waterboom, playgrounds and so on. But it is also found in natural attractions including beaches. Well, one of the beach names that sounds unique and invites curiosity is the Watu Kodok Beach in Gunungkidul Regency.

About Watu Kodok Beach

To visit Watu Kodok Beach, it is necessary to go to Gunungkidul Regency around 40 km that takes about two hours from Yogyakarta. Based on the Watu Kodok beach map, the location is not far from the Baron and Indrayanti beaches, even in one direction. If necessary, ask the locals and they will show the direction to the location. This beach is known for its beautiful scenery. The white sand is contrast to the blue sea water and the wave froth. The name is Watu Kodok because on this beach there are large stone shaped resembling frogs. That is why this beach was later known as Watu Kodok. Many people who are curious and look for the existence of the stone to prove the truth.

Spot for Camping

The relatively quiet beach conditions are very suitable to be used as a location for camping. Moreover, Watu Kodok Beach ticket price is very affordable. But for camping is usually subject to additional fees. Every visitor can be charged an additional fee of around IDR 5000, – up to IDR10.000, – but this is not the exact price, always changes. When deciding to camp, make sure to bring the necessary equipment. Starting from the tent used, sleeping bag, hammock if really need it. After all, in this place there are many trees that can be used to hang hammock. Don’t forget the supplies to eat and drink.

Although Watu Kodok Beach facilities are increasing, such as bathrooms, food stalls, gazebos and trash bins, visitors still have to prepare everything. Including a plastic bag to store the waste produced. The beach sand looks white and is clean from rubbish. It is very convenient for morning jogging to enjoy the fresh air in the morning. Likely the scenery at sunset. The view of the sun slowly begins to disappear when on the beach always offering the beauty that is always awaited.

Safety Guaranteed

These rows of beaches such as Kapen Beach and Belang Beach including Watu Kodok are not visited by too many visitors but this beach is relatively safe because the local people pay attention to the safety. They guard and get around when there are camping visitors on the beach. When tidal gets too tight or dangerous, they would give a warning. Including warning for not being too far when swimming, especially when the weather is bad. Local people usually know the natural signs that are there because they are used to it, so it’s better to pay attention to it.

Easy to Find Route

It can be said that the route to the Sepanjang Beach and Watu Kodok is easy to find. Especially in technology era, take advantage of the more accurate google map and even detect the presence of villages. After all, the location is not too far from the beaches that were previously popular such as Baron Beach and Indrayanti. Even though it is far from the city center, the trip is guaranteed not boring. Because along the way, you will be spoiled with natural scenery. So, pack and go visit Watu Kodok Beach.

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