Unique Coral at Watu Lumbung Beach

Travel to the beach is one of the favorite and not boring holidays. Very suitable for children, teenagers, adults and parents. Often visiting one beach to another will not be bored. Each beach is unique despite its close one another. Can be from the small, big waves, the color of the sand, and the coral rocks around it. Of course don’t forget the sunrise or sunset that can be enjoyed on the beach. Not to mention interesting spots for photos. Beach is one place that is often used as a pre-wedding location.

About Watu Lumbung Beach

Watu Lumbung Beach is west of Wediombo Beach. The beach is precisely located in Balong Village, Gunung Kidul. This beach view is so interesting. This Watu Lumbung Beach Gunung Kidul Regency has unique coral rocks and is scattered around the coast. The waves occasionally come and then crash into the rock. The water that pours gives a special sensation. Before going down to the beach, there are two large rocks in the middle of the beach. Residents call the stone a granary because of its shape like a granary, a rice storage area. This is why this beach is called Watu Lumbung.

Exotic Scenery

Offering exotic views with the affordable Watu Lumbung beach entrance ticket. In addition to the many scattered rocks, this beach is surrounded by green hills. So when visitors are at an altitude, they haven’t really gone down and played on the beach, they will get amazing views. The blue of the beach meets the green of the hills plus the pounding waves that break when exposed to rocks.

Not to mention if the weather is clear, of course the blue sky or white clouds completed the beauty. Even though going to the beach requires more energy to walk down the not-so-wide path. Itis necessary to be careful because it is quite slippery. This beach is indeed flanked by Wediombo Beach and Mount Batur. Especially when viewed from a distance.

Facilities and Lodging

When this article written, there were not many facilities offered on this beach except the natural scenery. Visitors will not find lodging, food stalls and so on. Like the Celeng Tibo beach. So don’t expect too much when visiting. Be sure to bring supplies and personal equipment such as mats or other pads. Don’t forget to bring every garbage which carry. Don’t leave anything on the location and don’t expect anyone to clean up any dirt left behind to preserve its beauty. If interested in staying or camping, maybe visitors can ask the locals who provide room for rent at their house.

This beach is also often used for fishing. So don’t be surprised when many people are busy with their fishing rods. For fishing fans why not bring favorite fishing gear. Especially when come in group, the atmosphere will be more festive. The atmosphere on the beach is certainly different from the Ngunggah Beach or Grigak Beach. But the existence of these beaches increasingly proves that Indonesia is rich in natural potential.

Road to the Beach

Don’t delay to visit this beach. Moreover, there are many interesting spots for photography. The location is also quite easy to find. If visitors rent a car, make sure the place where they rent a vehicle must know the location. Because actually to go to the beach you can go through the path from Wediombo Beach to the west. It takes at least an hour through TPR Wediombo Beach then turn right, go through the fields owned by residents to the end of the road. After that walk down the road to Watu Lumbung Beach.

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