The Reasons to Visit Watu Wene Beach Gunungkidul

Holidays don’t always have many stories but frequently leave a deep impression and a desire to always return to visit tourist attractions to spend the holiday. Therefore when returning to routine, it will increase the spirit to work and to plan a vacation again next time. This happens when the vacation is really fun because of the atmosphere of tourist attractions, local communities, and other reasons. Among tourist attractions, beach is one of the favorite places that are never bored to always visit it.

Get to know Watu Wene Beach

Watu Wene Beach is located in the Gunungkidul Regency includes a row of quiet beaches that have not been visited by too many visitors. Its hidden location is one of the reasons why people are not too aware of its existence. Though like other beaches, Watu Wene Beach Gunungkidul has a beauty to steal attentions. The atmosphere also makes comfortable. The sound of waves hit the rocks and sea water gave a soothing sensation. The sand is constantly swept away by the waves like a painting with a blue sky and white clouds. Being on the beach that has not been many visitors gives great feeling of privacy. Moreover, the coastline is not too long and the size of the beach is not too broad making the beach more impressive like it is owned by itself.

Things To Do

It is different when on a Sadranan Beach which is already popular will be crowded with visitors while on this Watu Wene beach which is much quieter. Then what can be done on this new beach Gunungkidul? Of course playing sea water, swimming, having fun with sand, sit or lie on the beach while enjoying views of the sea with the surrounding natural scenery. In quiet beach people are freely to do activities till they satisfy. Even though free to do anything but be careful with conditions. It is a must to always pay attention to the natural conditions, if not possible then do not play water too far when the waves are  too high and dangerous.

People also could explore every part of the beach. Look for details or uniqueness. It is possible to find certain uniqueness like on the Watu Kodok beach with presence of a rock looks like a frog. The not too board size of the beach certainly allows to find out what marine biota exists. It could be shellfish, seaweed, small fish, sea urchins and so on. If there are many rocks usually many small fish trapped in crack. Another thing that can be done is of course to capture every corner of the beach with a camera.

Don’t Forget to Do Preparation

There is not much preparation when visiting the Mbeling Beach and Watu Wene beaches. Some of the most common preparations are enough of food, drinks, supporting equipment such as fishing rods especially for fishing enthusiasts, mats or hammock, cameras and lenses and spare batteries to capture every moment. But beforehand it is good to communicate with the local people so visitors can be more comfortable while in that place.

Route to Watu Wene

The number of beaches in Gunungkidul has special advantage. Moreover, the location of one beach with other beaches including the Ngetun Beach is not too far away. So if visitors have ever visited the Gunungkidul area before, it is certainly much easier to find other locations. Other ways to find beach location is by asking local residents such as parking attendants, shopkeepers, fishermen and so on who met. Just ask which beach location to know or ask what beach is closest to the current location. This usually gives a memorable or unforgettable surprise. Likewise when actually visiting Watu Wene Beach Gunungkidul.

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