The Reasons to Visit Wedanan Beach

The feeling after having vacation must be happiness. That’s why for some people, vacation is something that must be well planned. But there are also those who actually want a surprising vacation trip. Fishing adrenaline and enthusiasm and experience are not forgotten even until the holiday is over to meet routine again. Nature tourism is one of the destinations that not only give a feeling of pleasure or happiness but also gives a surprise. If interested in natural tourism with full of surprises, please visit the Wedanan Beach Gunungkidul.

About Wedanan Beach

Wedanan Beach is one of the beaches which is not yet widely known. Lately the quiet beach Gunungkidul which is still quiet is indeed more desirable. Along with the increasing number of visitors in Gunungkidul lately, it affects the number of visitors in tourist attractions. Popular beaches in Gunungkidul are increasingly crowded. For those who prefer a calm atmosphere, conditions like this actually make a feeling of discomfort during the holidays. Well, this is what encourages tourists to look for alternative tourist attractions. The beaches that were previously not much talked about are increasingly getting crowded. Especially in social media that encourages people to be curious to visit it.

As the row of quiet beaches on Gunungkidul, Wedanan offers peace while there. You can enjoy the beauty of natural beach comfortably. Being on this beach is like being on private own beach. Well, at an affordable entrance ticket,you can have own beach even though it’s only temporary. The color of the sea water is so contrasting with the surrounding landscape plus the sound of wind and waves and birds singing. Taking a walk from one side to another is very possible because the size of the beach is not too wide.

Happy to Play Sand and Waves

Initially the well-known beaches in Gunungkidul are Krakal Beach which is located two kilometers east of the Drini beach and then there is Kukup Beach, Baron Beach, Sadranan Beach, and so on. Almost everyone who goes to Gunungkidul visits one or more of these beaches. Some even make scheduled visits so that they can visit these beaches one by one. The longer the beaches are known and crowded, finally small and quiet beaches are in demand. Solid activities make people feel happy to meet sand and waves on the beach. So the beaches are never boring to visit.

Carrying Supporting Equipment

The quiet Sedahan Beach and Wedanan make these beaches not supported by adequate facilities. Beaches have not been managed at all. So visiting these quiet beaches is equal to bringing your own supporting equipment such as fishing tools, tents to shelter and lie comfortably, hammocks that can be used when the trees on the beach and of course food and drinks. Do not forget also to bring back the garbage that is produced because there is little possibility of a trash can on the beach.

Looking for a Wedanan Location

The biggest challenge is visit Somandeng Beach and Wedanan for a location and how to get to the place. It is not widely known so it is difficult to find various supporting information. The best solution would be to go to the location in Gunungkidul Regency and find out by asking the local people. To anticipate the surprises that awaiting, when looking for new beaches in Gunungkidul it should use a vehicle that can be relied on various road terrain. Then wear clothing or footwear comfortably for exploration. Remote beaches are far from the main roads and you have to walk along other roads or beaches. Ready to explore Wedanan Beach Gunungkidul?

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