The Beauty of Wedi Ombo Beach

Finding a vacation spot can be due to many considerations such as location. It could also be due to the characteristics of the destination, or maybe because the beauty of the place then supported by attractive spots for taking photos. Usually this is closely related to natural tourism such as beaches. Places that are often used as locations for pre-weddiing photos. One of the beaches known for its beauty is Wediombo Beach.

About Wedi Ombo Beach

Wedi Ombo Beach is one of the popular beaches in Gunungkidul, Jogja. Wedi Ombo comes from the Javanese language which means broad sand. Actually the name is not really describing the beach because the sand is not too broad but wider than Pasewan and Nglegundi beaches. Based on the Wediombo beach picture, it can be seen that this beach is dominated by coral rock while the white sand is not too wide. The dominance of coral reefs is length to the west and east. This makes the sand area not too broad. But, those are precisely its characteristics. The existence of cliffs combined with a stretch of sand, the presence of pond naturally formed from coral reefs provides an exotic view. Very interesting and spoiling to the eyes. No wonder that more and more visitors coming to this beach. Moreover, the entrance ticket to Wediombo Beach is also quite affordable.

Route to Wedi Ombo

The beaches in Gunungkidul are usually close to each other but for this beach it is relatively far from popular beaches such as Pantai Pulang Syawal, Krakal and Baron. Likewise with the Bungusan Beach that is not too well known. If the journey starts from Yogkarta, go to Gunungkidul via Wonosari road to city. Then travel eastward through Pasar Wonosari. At the T-junction after passing the market then take the right to Baron Beach. About 10 km will then meet the T-junction, there are directions towards Pantai Pulang Syawal and Wedi Ombo. Just follow the directions.

The journey continues to Jepitu Market to find a T-junction, take it right around 5 km. After parking, it continued by walking down the steps. Luckily, this place has been supported by various facilities such as toilets and musholla. Then there are also a number of food stalls that provide a variety of seafood dishes, thiwul rice and fried grasshoppers. Unfortunately, if looking for a Wediombo beach inn, it is not yet available. The closest lodging is around Pantai Pulang Syawal.

Camping on Wedi Ombo

Even though lodging is not available, it doesn’t mean that visitors will miss the excitement of staying overnight on this beach. When having vacation together with friends it will be so challenging to try camping on this beach. Not a few young people who spend a Sunday night or vacation with camping on this beach. Enjoy the cool but warm night with togetherness. This is one of the advantages of the beaches in Gunungkidul which are often used as camping locations included on Krokoh Beach and Wedi Ombo Beach which is quiet with other visitors.

Enjoying the Sunset in Pond

When on Mengetan beach, it is certainly different with Wedi Ombo. At Wedi Ombo there is a small pond about 1.5 meters deep. The pool is formed naturally and is often an alternative place for bathing or swimming. Interestingly the pool is the best spot to enjoy the sunset view. The beach facing west, the cliffs around which are slightly overhanging provide an epic sunset view. This experience will certainly not be found elsewhere. You will get an unforgettable holiday experience at Wedi OmboBeach Gunungkidul.

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