Things to Make People Curious at Widodaren Beach

Vacation on the beach is often a solution for people who feel too tired with various daily businesses. The beach seems to be quick yet effective solutions. Moreover, there are many beaches that can be found. Yogyakarta Special Region is one of the provinces with many beaches that can be visited. Most of them are the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency. It starts from the beaches which are already popular to tourists and those quiet non touristy beaches. Widodaren Beach is known as the quiet beach in Gunungkidul which makes people curious to visit it.

About Widodaren Beach

In Kanigoro Village, Gunungkidul Regency Widodaren Beach is located. The beach has not been managed professionally so actually it is not officially published as tourist attraction. Widodaren comes from the Javanese language which means angel. Angels are known to have more beauty than ordinary people. So the meaning is the beach has beauty like angels. Widodaren Beach Gunungkidul is indeed so beautiful. The beach is still natural, clean and lacks footprints on the beach sand. The more interesting is the existence of cliffs and white sand. The sound of the waves crashing together with the breeze makes the beach even more special.

Route to Widodaren Beach

To be able to visit this beach, you can go through the Widodaren Beach route by passing the east footpath of Ngrenehan Beach or through a rocky road that can only be passed by a motorcycle. Or, you can use the route from the retribution post until arriving at the Ngrenehan Beach area. Take the cement cast road to the rocky rough road. Next, the first T-junction turns right and follows the road to the end. Park vehicles in the parking huts of the residents then walk along the path to the beach.

During the trip there will be no sign board so ask the local if necessary. After going through several hills of Widodaren beach, and find a crossroads, just go straight. You will find yourself almost arrive at Widodaren visitors especially if you can already see the coral cliff located on the east side of the beach. The cliff forms a basin and heading into the sea. The basin hit by the waves produces a flute-like sound. The sound is very melodious with a unique sensation that cannot be found on other beaches, including on the Ngrawah Beach.

Coral Reefs View

To go to Widodaren you have to go down the cliff of about 7 meters height. It is necessary to be careful when going down the stairs made of wood. The stairs are made by local residents to make it easier for them to find fish on the beach. After arriving at the beach, the view is the soft stretch of white sand that looks clean and feels soft. At low tide, the bottom of the coral will be seen. On the sidelines, coral reefs are visible. Coral reefs are still alive and growing very well surrounded by seaweed, green algae and many small fishes that are swimming around. These views may be not available at Sedahan Beach so enjoy it but don’t spoil it.

Be Careful When the Sea Tides

The beauty of Gunungkidul beaches such as Dadapan Beach including Widodaren is not something to be doubted. While enjoying its beauty, you must be aware of the natural situations. It is necessary to pay attention to any natural changes including low and high tide. At low tide you may indeed see coral reefs and other marine biota. But at high tide, the entire beach area will sink and leave only the cliff beaches. This Widodaren beach is sloping but its beauty can always be enjoyed and admired.

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