Magic Nuance at Wohkudu Beach

When a beach is crowd, it usually has more supporting facilities compared to those that are less popular. More public facilities are added to provide better comfort for visitors. Although the location is relatively close but it has a different aura. That is what is felt when on the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. There are many beaches and the location is only hundreds of meters away, but once the place changes, the difference is immediately felt. Likewise, when in Wohkudu Beach.

About Wohkudu Beach

Wohkudu Beach is located not far from Kesirat Beach. The gate to Wohkudu belongs to the entrance gate of Kesirat Beach. These beach located in one area. This beach is between two cliffs and hills. The charm makes the eyes stunned and gives a special sensation. Actually it can be easy to start having communication with local people especially about some myths of the Wohkudu beach that can be heard. It is immediately asked to the residents whether the story is true or not. Or maybe instead get additional interesting stories. This beach is indeed having a location that seems hidden but it gives a sense of comfort when on vacation. The sound of the waves pounding provides a sensation of relaxation.

Few People Come

Later in its development many people are camping on the Wohkudu Beach but actually this beach has not been touched by many visitors or tourists. Most visitors from outside Jogja usually only visit beaches that have been visited a lot or have many tourists. Sometimes they underestimate this existence except for visitors who really like challenging and unpredictable things. Well, the existence of new beaches is kind of giving fresh air.

This stretch of sand on the beach is not too large so it is relatively easy to explore each side. Capture each spot. That is why this beach can be an alternative for those who want a vacation in a quiet and private place. It is true that the Sepanjang beach has many choices. Choosing one destination of such quiet beach then enjoy it well for a vacation may refresh mind from daily business. If visitors are reluctant to camp because it is too much trouble to take care of the preparation, there is no harm to try lodging at Wohkudu Beach.

To Do Activities at Wohkudu

What can be done on the beach? of course enjoying the scenery. Visitors could enjoy it by doing morning run along the beach. After all, this beach is not too wide. Or run during the afternoon while waiting for sunset. Can also fishing. Fishing while reading a book or listening to the waves like music for relaxation. These things can only be done when really utilizing the quality of vacation in one place compared to many places at once. Like the Porok Beach, there are not many visitors so it definitely feels like a private beach.

Route to the Beach

Being in remote area makes the Lolang beach difficult to reach. So is Wohkudu. Moreover, the path traversed from Yogyakarta through the Imogiri- Panggang route is not the main road so it is relatively quiet. Visitors will meet many turns along the way. So they will not feel bored with the many trees and natural scenery on either side of the road. After parking the vehicle, visitors still have to walk down the hills with rocky roads and soil. May be tiring but happy afterwards. Why? Many types of plants and animals can be found in the scenery. So there is no need to hesitate to spend a vacation at Wohkudu Beach.

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