Let’s Go to Wono Beach Gunungkidul

Tours on the beach when holidays arrive are common. Many beaches are crowded with visitors. Not only visitors from inside the city but also from outside the city. It can be watched on the beaches scattered in all regions in Indonesia. There are no exceptions to the beaches in Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province. Moreover, the Gunungkidul area is currently quite popular with its beaches. One of them is Wono Beach.

About Wono Beach

Wono Beach is one of the quiet beaches in Gunungkidul. Visitors rarely stop by this beach even though the atmosphere on the beach is very interesting. It is suitable for family vacation spot. It is like being on a vacation on own beach, quiet and comfortable without interruption. Currently there are many new beaches in Gunung Kidul, so there are many choices of beaches to be visited. The advantages of these new beaches are the quiet and comfortable place as well as the location is close together.

So when visiting one of the beaches, you must continue to visit other beaches at the same time. There is even beach that can be reached by walking distance. On Wono Beach you can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, playing water or sand and coral.

Play Water

At Tanjung Menyer beach you will enjoy each side of the beach. The visitors are few, but they seem to enjoy the scenery. So does at Wono Beach. There are many places to be explored such as looking for a variety of marine biota and play water as much as they want. You can swim or just play when the waves come and go. The beach in Gunungkidul is well known for its big waves. You must be aware to conditions of the waves when playing water. Obey the local people warning about related to this nature sign.

Other thing to do is fishing. Not all tourism beach Wonosari have spots for fishing though. Bring fishing equipment to complete the adventure of exploring new beaches in Gunungkidul. The new beach rows in Gunungkidul are even more popular among anglers. Usually they know the best spots to get fish. Even in the extreme coastal areas, they keep coming to it. So, get information about new beaches for fishing by asking the community of these anglers. They likely share information on their social media forum.

Camping Place

Not all beaches can be used for camping like Jungwok beach. This is because the coastal area is not entirely dominated by sand. There is also a beach dominated by coral reefs. May be it could be done at area not far from the beach such as on hill to enjoy the beach from a height. Keep in mind, before deciding to camp on any beach, you need to find out whether it is permissible to camp and what is prohibited at that location. This needs to be done to maintain comfort and safety during camping.

Maximize Time during Vacation

The nice thing about being at Gander Beach is enjoying the natural scenery. The atmosphere of the beach is always fun and not boring. Wavy water views with the arrival of wind and waves provide a view with a soothing sensation coupled with the breeze and the sound of the waves. Not to mention the blazing sunshine shining from the sea water. Make eyes stunned by the glowing. That is why every time on the beach besides seeing people playing a lot of water, it is also enjoy sitting around enjoying the scenery. You will certainly do it on vacation time at Wono Beach Gunungkidul.

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